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September 19, 2009

This is What Gay Marriage Looks Like

Dana Kaplan and Katie Dyer got married last Saturday at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. Seven Days video journalist Eva Sollberger captured the ceremony and reception on camera for this week's episode of "Stuck in Vermont."

You might recognize Dana Kaplan from Burlington indie-pop band, The Smittens. Yep, that's Dana, singing the "Stuck in Vermont" theme song.

Congratulations, Dana and Katie!


this is why people can't stand this debate. Just get married and be done with it already. Gay people just throw it in the face of others. It's a personal decision, and that is fine, but the rest of the world doesn't need to be part of it.

That is one obnoxious video.


FYI, we approached Dana and Katie about doing this video as a "Stuck in Vermont," not the other way around. Believe it or not, their wedding is, in fact, newsworthy.

I mean, come on, after that whole debate this spring, we had to show you an actual wedding. The story wouldn't be complete without it.

Stan's just mad he didn't get to see any girl-on-girl action.

It's like when hetrosexuals show us their wedding videos. Why do they have to throw that in our faces? Just get married and be done with it! The whole world does not need to be a part of it!

But no, straight people have to throw their sexuality in our faces.

Personally, I'm really glad that we did not capture our civil union party on video. I'm sure I have more than a few relatives, who were just a little tipsy that night, who feel the same way...

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