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October 30, 2009

Vermont Brownie Company Gets Flayed

At least according to Facebook. Shawna Lidsky, co-owner of Vermont Brownie Co. with Katherine Hayward, has signed a confidentiality agreement with the Food Network that prevents her from even sharing the name of the show on which she and Hayward appeared. However, given the circumstances of her experience, she admits, "you can pretty much guess what show it is."

As reported previously in Seven Days, Vermont Brownie Co. got a request from the cable channel to send an audition tape in August. "It was so quick," remembers Lidsky. "They called us on Wednesday and wanted the tape to them by the following Tuesday." The network told them they had never seen "anything quite like" the video and told the pair, whose company is based in South Hero, that they had been chosen to appear on a show. They would not, however, disclose which one. "They tell you something, but I certainly wasn't buying it," says Lidsky.

As viewers of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" know, this is the very scenario that leads to the grilling guru trying to match his skills with specialists like the Vermont Brownie Co. or Bove's, who appeared on the show a couple of years back. Further evidence —Facebook posts by parties present at the October 28 competition itself. One audience member, who, also signed an agreement with Food Network reports that "the judges were torn."

Lidsky is thankful for the supportive crew working on the show, but hopes her episode doesn't air until after the holidays. Corporate orders are already piling up, she says, and hopes not to be overwhelmed with work spawned by their impending national stardom.

Congratulations ladies! Sorry I couldn't make it, I'll just have to watch it when it comes on soon!

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