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November 02, 2009

And Then There Were Four ...

It's official (almost) — former Windsor County State Sen. Matt Dunne will enter the Democratic primary for governor.

"It will not be a big campaign launch with banners and crowds. It will be a more informal occasion with family and a few of the many people I've met around the state who believe, as I do, that Vermont is ready for its next great era," said Dunne in an email to potential supporters.

That brings to four the number of Democrats vying for the right to take on the GOP's presumptive gubernatorial nominee Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie. It's not expected Dubie will face an opponent in the Republican primary.

Dunne joins Secretary of State Deb Markowitz, State Sen. Doug Racine (D-Chittenden), and State Sen. Susan Bartlett (D-Lamoille) in the race to succeed Gov. Jim Douglas, who announced in August that he would not seek reelection.

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin (D-Windham) is expected to announce his candidacy for governor in two weeks.

Last month, Dunne launched a website asking the simple question: "What is the future of Vermont?"

* * * * *

Here is the full email Dunne just sent out to supporters:

I wanted you to be among the first to know.

Yes, I will enter the race to be Governor of Vermont in 2010.

We will make an official announcement tomorrow, but since the work of building our state's future will be done by people like you, you are really the most important audience.

Here are the details:


What: Matt Dunne for Governor announcement

When:  10:45 am, Tuesday Nov. 3rd

Where: Tip-Top Cafe, 85 N Main St., White River Junction


If you can make it, great.  If not, we'll be sure to take some video and post it online so you can watch the event.

fyi ... it will not be a big campaign launch with banners and crowds. It will be a more informal occasion with family and a few of the many people I've met around the state who believe, as I do, that Vermont is ready for its next great era.

I'd love to see you there, but if you can't make it please take a moment to spread the word. We've set up a webpage to make it easy at:

As you read this right now, hardworking volunteers are setting up opportunities around the state for you to participate in this work in the weeks and months to come. As always, I welcome your advice, your suggestions, and your wisdom.



Markowitz -- Runs the SOS's office efficiently. Lack of a voting record in the Senate gives opponents little to beat her up with. Got an early start with aggressive fundraising.

Racine -- He beat Dubie once. He could easily do it again. His first campaign for Gov was terrible. Did he learn from that experience? Or will he screw it up again?

Bartlett -- The Con Hogan candidate. An able, moderate public servant with tons of great experience and very little talent for a statewide race.

Dunne -- Where is the beef? Dubie beat him once. He'd do it again.

Shumlin -- Windbag. His own family won't vote for him.

"Where is the beef?"


Dem ratings. Republican and other candidate ratings to be post at a later date.
Markowitz. I understand that most twn clerks have a good relationship with her. My big beef with her is shsupports IRV but really does not know the rules of IRV in Burlington. At least at the time of a debate in 2008 when I questioned her.
Racine.Got beat by Jimmy D as Doud seemed to think he was the winner and really evaded questions as if he did not need to answer. However in his most recent campaigns for Senate I think he turned that around an answered questions better than most canididates in the Senater election last time. I make him 5-2 favorite.
Bartlett. The financial wizard who skipped town a few years back during crucial negotitations for a learning experience. AKA vacation. not impressed.
Dunne. The most negative campaigner in years in Vt. Set up tent outside part time Lt. Gov. Dubies office to try to make a point. He did he proved Lt. Gov. position is part time. Dubie wooped him.
In closing, Shumlin, the other financial wizard in the race that still seems to think if you put Gaye's 22% with Anthony's 23% you some how beat JimmyD's 54%, and also the tax king of Vt.
Sorry for the length but that was fun.

Pardon some spelling in last post. spell check failed

"I wanted you to be among the first to know."

The guy sends a mass e-mail -- including to me, who doesn't even know why he's on Dunne's e-mail list -- and makes like it's just going to some small, elite group. What a joke.

Matt, I want you to be among the first to know: I'm not voting for you.

Too many cooks in the kicthen.

Dems will now spend the next 10 months fighting with each other and spending all their money. Polina will enter race, devide the party. Dubie will lay in the tall grass (like the snake he is), and then emerge next summer.

By the time the election finally comes, Dubie will cruise to an easy 20 point victory.

The Dems are moronic.

Matt Dunne is a hard working Dem that will work hard for VT. If you are lucky enough to meet him Webber you might change your mind. Matt is just the right kind of person to lead this State in the right direction. I'm sure that Dubie will pull out of the race once he realizes that Gov, is a full time job.

That's exactly the sort of thing that we've come to expect from Matt Dunne.

1) A disingenuous email (" I want you to be the first to know") which sets off BS meters everywhere.

2) Platitudes about how 'hard working' he is -- (as if the other Dems in the race aren't!)

3) A meaningless attack against the opposition.

There is very little substance in what Matt Dunne says.

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