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November 23, 2009

Fairies — The World's Most Recession-Proof Biz

Firstpic Around here at 7DHQ, we get a steaming load of ridiculous press releases. I swear I spend half my day opting out of news releases. No, I do not want to know that "Groundbreaking documentaries make 'radical' gifts!" Nor do I care that I can get "Incredible Savings on New Luxurious Wooden Yachts." I'm pretty sure my life will go on without knowing the "Top 10 Most Fabulous U.S. Golf Homes."  However, I am interested to find out that "This Holiday Season Eat What You Want and Still Shed the Pounds!"

You're picking up what I'm putting down, I'm sure. What I'm saying is that, no matter how bad my life gets, there are always lives that are worse. Like the life inhabited by the person who wrote this sparkler (from a holiday gift guide): "6. BumbleRide CarryCot with FootMuff and Stroller Liner. Available in Seagrass (Green), Lava (Black), Viti (Hot Pink) and Ruby (no color clarification needed), 99.99. New for 2009, the BumbleRide CarryCot combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier."

But of all the PR pitches sent to me by flacks making three times what I do, the following takes the cherry. If you're feeling ADD and can't read to the end, here's the nuggetized version: Fairies gewgaws make the recession blues go bye-bye. 

 87823_bigShe's making you feel better already.

eFairies Experiences Growth Even in Economic Downturn

Consumers looking for the magic and mystery of feel-good fairy items


The fairy industry does not seem to be affected by the economy as fairy retailers such as have only experienced growth in sales this year. 


The economic downturn has consumers looking for ways to find magic and happiness. Buying fairy collectibles and fairy gifts allows people to bring excitement and mystery home. eFairies has created the world's largest selection of all things related to fairies available online and in their store in Tumwater, Wash.


With discount promo codes and many merchandise discounts on-line and in-store, eFairies has experienced a 12 percent increase in sales this year.


Fairies are part of a timeless lore that dates back thousands of years and can be traced to every continent on earth. There are millions of fairy enthusiasts around the world, and they are an avid, enthusiastic group completely dedicated to their passion.


Many are collectors of fairy-themed products such as figurines that can be passed down from one generation to the next.


eFairies has something for every fairy buff, ranging from miniature fairy furniture, fairy garden statues, fairy fountains, fairy costumes, fairy ornaments and fairy figurines to fairy wallpaper, fairy art, fairy clothing and more.


About eFairies is the world's largest retailer of all things related to fairies. The U.S. based company is dedicated to lightening hearts and spirits by bringing fairy magic into the world with an exciting and ever-changing selection of fairy products. Fairy items include the traditional and classic, the most recent releases and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. eFairies sells only the highest quality of fairy-related items including fairy costumes, fair clothing, fairy houses, fairy gardens, fairy books, fairy videos, fairy music, fairy collectibles, fairy dust, fairy tattoos, fairy jewelry, fairy dolls, and fairy bath products - everything a fairy enthusiast would love.


For more information about eFairies, visit

How did they know I've been "looking for ways to find magic and happiness" in my life? This whole turd-filled economic toilet bowl we're in sure has got me down. But you know what's going to make me feel way better about the fact that I can't afford to buy a Band-Aid for my hangnail and the bank is foreclosing on my house? Buying fairy tchotchkes. Sure, my kids have eaten pork-flavored Ramen noodles for three months straight, but those fairy garden statues are just so precious. And I love how those little fairy figurines shimmer under the one bare lightbulb we have in the house.

OkK, so here's the take-away: Fairies are good for the economy, and not just because they have amazing style, sick dance moves and hot boyfriends. In hard times, people need a little fantasy in the form of fairy bath products and fairy tattoos, and provides that. I'm thinking I'm going to have to open a franchise.

Oh, thank you ever so. This is lovely and will make great conversational fodder at the holiday table.

Interesting to see written what I was thinking already.
I guess I belong to those escaping a bit into fairyland these days - I just do it by creating fairy jewelry. But the mechanism is the same - and it works!

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