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November 04, 2009

From Log Cabin in Vermont, Couple Fights Reclusive Religious Sect

What would you do if your upbringing inside a fundamentalist Christian community left you scarred and confused — and estranged from family members still inside the sect?

F-bretheren For Tim Twinam, a software developer living in Williston, Vermont, the answer was: Launch a website dedicated to re-connecting lost members driven apart from family and friends by the religion's "doctrine of separation."

Twinam was raised inside The Exclusive Brethren in 1960s England. He couldn't eat or socialize with anyone outside the sect, and TV, radio and university education were strictly forbidden. Internet is also banned.

Today he is the webmaster of, an online community made up of former members of The Exclusive Brethren, which is the subject of this week's Seven Days cover story.

Twinam, and his wife Sallie (pictured), have devoted the last four years to exposing the secrets of the reclusive Brethren and creating a network of "helpers" to assist those who want to leave the religion but don't know how.

Now the Brethren are suing the Twinams in Vermont federal court for copyright infringement, claiming downloaded Brethren-owned sermons and letters that are property of the Brethren.

Lawyers for the sect say they're just protecting their legal property. The Twinams say it's a lawsuit meant to silence their criticism by bleeding them dry financially.

Two attempts to settle the suit have failed and a third attempt is slated for later this month. Meantime, the Twinams told their story in the hope it would raise awareness about a relatively unknown religion with 43,000 worldwide followers, one they say wields outsize influence in the worlds of business and politics.

We've linked to the story here to allow readers to comment.

Photo by Andy Duback.

Members dont join Bronwen - members are mostly born into it. I was born into the group as were my parents and as were their parents. So it goes back generations - back to the 1820s or so.
My family left in 1960 because they felt the rules were becoming too strict and unscriptural. When we left we left the only world and pretty much the only people we knew. It was very traumatic for me - some scars remain after all this time.

In the early 1990s I carried out research on the mental health of former members of this group and it did not surprise me to find that as a group we experience higher levels of psychological distress than the general population. I am intending to repeat this study soon - anyone interested who is a fomer member of the exclusive brethren, please do contact me on brethrenresearch at (an email address created just for this purpose. Please replace the "at" with the usual @)


What is doing for people around the world, should never be silenced! This cult needs to be exposed for what they truly are, and those of us who have once been a part of their crulty should be able to have the freedom to share with others. I believe there is healing for us in our sharing...especially when those we share with understand what we are saying. I too, am an ex-EB, and am cut off from my parents and siblings in the EB. This EB organization has left many horrible scars emotionally that take years to overcome. After 24 years out of this cult, I wonder if there will ever be freedom from the horrible memories, and healing from all the abuse I was subject to growing up. Do the nightmares ever end? This cult should be responsible for the devastation they have pronounced on so many peoples lives. It affects not only us, but our children and our spouses as well as our friendships with others. They should not be allowed to silence the good that is doing!

What can we do to help Tim and Sally? Is there a fund we can contribute to?

Your question exemplifies the service that Tim and Sallie have afforded the numerous expeebs who have found comfort, understanding and validation on the site. It appears to be a 'kook conservative christian sect' - unfortunately it is so much more; and unless you have lived it... it often sounds unbelievable! For those of us who have survived the experience of leaving the EB know, we understand, and we can support.
It is for this reason that the cowardly attack on free speech needs to be stopped. We have the right to share our thoughts and concerns. As do the members of my family who may one day find the courage to 'leave'.
The work Twinams are doing needs to be supported and not hindered - I hope the judge is wise and able to rule in the interests of righteousness.

Sorry for the type oh in my previous comment - it was should have begun Bronwen.


A manipilative, deceptive, psychologically damaging, demeaning, sexist, self-serving, tax avoiding, dictator run, very profitable, international business!!!!

They receive significant government subsudies and funding allocations from many countries.

The Exclusive Brethren claim to be a church, and under that guise pretend to be entitled to freedonm to practice their "religion". They are at least an extremely anti social cult. However, they are probably better described as a dirty business entangling captive employees, and engaged in extensive cash transactions to avoid detection of the scale of their operation.

An investigation is not persecution.

When will government authorities responsible for the regulation of corporate conduct properly investigate the administration of the Exclusive Brethren business?


A manipilative, deceptive, psychologically damaging, demeaning, sexist, self-serving, tax avoiding, dictator run, very profitable, international business!!!!

They receive significant government subsudies and funding allocations from many countries.

The Exclusive Brethren claim to be a church, and under that guise pretend to be entitled to freedonm to practice their "religion". They are at least an extremely anti social cult. However, they are probably better described as a dirty business entangling captive employees, and engaged in extensive cash transactions to avoid detection of the scale of their operation.

An investigation is not persecution.

When will government authorities responsible for the regulation of corporate conduct properly investigate the administration of the Exclusive Brethren business?


A manipilative, deceptive, psychologically damaging, demeaning, sexist, self-serving, tax avoiding, dictator run, very profitable, international business!!!!

They receive significant government subsudies and funding allocations from many countries.

The Exclusive Brethren claim to be a church, and under that guise pretend to be entitled to freedonm to practice their "religion". They are at least an extremely anti social cult. However, they are probably better described as a dirty business entangling captive employees, and engaged in extensive cash transactions to avoid detection of the scale of their operation.

An investigation is not persecution.

When will government authorities responsible for the regulation of corporate conduct properly investigate the administration of the Exclusive Brethren business?

When I was in the Exclusive Brethren scotch whisky was pushed around like water and as a result I got accustomed to drinking a bottle of scotch a helped numb the pain of endless rhetoric.
I got kicked out and after terrible times found the peebs net site and have since got myself sort of sorted but still am angry that after all the EB have done, they are doing all they can to further rub us into the gutter. Don't let them win and close the site.

Justice will not be served by allowing the cashed up Exclusive Brethren (EB) to use their largely ill-gotten financial resources to overwhelm a socially responsible and responsive Peebs.Net in an upcoming "David and Goliath" court decision.

The EB are known in many legal cases that have involved them, to attempt to win their case by attrition.

Perhaps Vermont's new anti- SLAPP legislation will put a stop to this immorality.

What Tim and Sallie are doing is an amazing gesture of love and care for their fellow man. This is so much more than just making a website available - they toil at this thing for huge chunks of their day - and also have to put up with the stresses and costs of legal challenges by this rotten sect that has ruined so many lives. We know it is hard for people who have no real knowledge of this sect to understand. That is why this web site is so important to so many people. For many - it is their only lifeline in the world. You don't join the Exclusive Brethren. They don't want people to join. You are born into it. And for the smallest thing- they will throw you out of it too...and when they do -most say goodbye to their families for ever. Never to see them again. It's a cruel thing...and amazes many that such inhumanity can still exist today. But - as they are cashed up...they throw millions at lawyers to pursue their aims...and all manner of underhanded activities. They are NOT normal - they ARE cruel- they DO destroy families and they are probably the most hypocritical community on earth. One day a court will stand up and recognise their wickedness and do something about it.

I agree with you there Woodsman. Tim and Sallie don't have to do this, but they do - because they appreciate the value of each and everyone of us who are members of Peebs.Net. Can the Exclusive Brethren say the same? No. Do they value the true human worth of each and every ex-member? I think not. Legal action designed to shut down this website does not honestly say, "I love my fellow brethren" - does it? If they EB were true Christians - then they would follow Jesus' teaching: "Love one another, as I have loved you."

“A concerned ex-peeb” (see above) asks if there is a fund he can contribute to, to help Tim and Sallie’s defence. Yes, there is. You will find details at

Being an escaped EB I can fully link onto all these stories of horror and despair. Readers who have never heard of The Exclusive Brethren or had dealings with them may believe some of these stories appear to be exaggerated. What is probably also noted is that almost all of these writers have a pseudonym which also may lead readers to have doubts in their minds when contributors do not identify themselves.
Let me assure those of you who have these doubts that these people are reporting on a vicious sect who not only threatens any person whom they can identify with legal action but also punish any of their relatives who may still be trapped within the sect. It is this threat of such action by the EB’s upon the relatives of these contributors that cause so many to not identify themselves.
This sect is viscous and will stop at nothing in order to maintain complete control wherever possible; hence their desire to try and legally close down a site which is a means of escapees re-contacting one another, sometimes years after being separated. It will be an absolute tragedy if the EB’s are successful in closing down the site, hundreds will lose a means of finding lost relatives and sharing their experiences with others.

Join it Bronwen? ...... you must be joking! No one in their right mind would join, and if you tried to attend one of the meting at their 'Charity Tax exempt meeting houses' I very much doubt if you would get in the door! The local meeting room where I live in UK has a security guard with a dog patrolling the perimeter whilst they are in the hall!

I left voluntarily in 1981 with my husband and 4 children. We had had enough of the false teachings, control and lies. I never really chatted to my children about my previous life until many years later when I accidentally came across the original site on the web, which the EB later managed to get closed down. (Bless you Dick for that site which brought me in touch with some family members and old friends who had also left). Unless you have been in this situation you will never understand which is why is so imposrtant to excapees.

When I found the first site I spent days just reading the stories, crying and realising that I was not the only one and that others understood 'My Story'. I got so depressed that I went to my doctor who advised me to talk to my children openly about things from the past. My past had been something that I never talked about to anyone.

I got my children together - I was by then divorced some time - and I told them everything. They did not even realise that I had several brothers and sisters as well as nunerous aunts uncles cousins etc!

This Cult is evil, controlling and its members are all brainwashed and do not know anything about normal life. They lie, believe themselves to be the closen ones and they condider themselves to be above the law and will twist anything to suit themseves.

When we left the cult we were told that "God will kill one of your children for leaving" How is that for mind control?

I am so so glad that my children have been brought up by myself to love unconditionally everyone one no matter what colour, creed or class. I believe that many members of this cult would like toleave but are too afraid of the personal cost and concequences to do so.

This site run by the Twinams must comtinue to support and help others like myself who need to know that they are not the only ones coping with the pain and rejection of leaving the Peebs.


The exclusive brethren wriggles their way into friendships in high places and are highly thought of and get cash handouts. The PM of Australia had a bit to say about them which showed he did not trust them and knew very well they were up to. However, once in power nothing more was said and cash handouts still kept going despite a lot being said in Parliament about this sect. It does seem that anyone who dare say anything about this sect, gets "shut up" fairly quickly. In the grounds of a meeting room were many brand new all the same color 4x4 vehicles, unregistered and packed together like sardines. They disappeared in the night!

I left the Exclusive Brethren voluntarily in 1968, for the simple reason of being tempted by glimpses of the outside world. While I knew the consequences of my action and have never regretted my decision, the pain of separation from my family remaining inside the EB has not diminished even after 40 years.

Your readers should note that it was entirely because of stumbling across (or its precursor the Wyman site) in 1998 that I had the courage to tell my story and get some healing – I had remained silent about my previous association with the EB ever since I left the sect in 1968, feeling ashamed and embarrassed to own up to my past. However, on reading the heart-rending stories on I realised I was not alone and I believed that if the public were made aware of the true nature of this sect – justice would be done. How wrong I was – justice has not been done, and if the EB succeed in their current outrageous action to close down – the cycle of injustice will be perpetuated. Most stories beggar belief – my simple story of personal pain pales into insignificance when you look at the “Horror Stories” on The “Memorial Pages” section of is also particularly moving.

The fact that the Exclusive Brethren have recently softened their stance in some areas I believe can be directly attributed to the influence of the site – because the exposure has forced them to modify their actions. Without they would no longer be subject to public scrutiny.

Tim and Sallie have displayed altruism in its purest form in operating this community site against all odds and deserve justice.

A couple of posts back is the following contribution: "When we left we were told that - God will kill one of your children for leaving."

When we were in the process of leaving my wife went into premature labour due to the stress of being "Shut up" (which is the first stage of discipline on those who leave). The two men (called priests) who visited me said "If that baby dies it will be your fault". (Fortunately our baby did not die).

Yes I forgive them for having said such a thing, but I feel free to post it here as I suspect they have said similar things to others, and might even have said such a thing to a dissenter in the year 2009.

Many ex-members of this insidious sect have the same reaction when they discover other ex-members through the website: “I thought I was the only one! The only one that was treated this way, and the only one that feels this way.”

Starting with me, and the many tens or hundreds I have seen contributions from since – I genuinely believe this has saved lives, and probably more importantly allowed ex-members to rebuild lives; to understand shortcomings they may possess due to being raised in this sect, and being able to work on them and overcome them; and to be able to enter into functional, lasting relationships and become tender, compassionate people who can assist others trying to escape, or have escaped.

I can’t see why the EB needs to take to task – I’ve never heard of any active recruiting by to take members away from the EB – what would be the point? There would be no money or glory in it. Rather helps the already fallen and rejected by the EB (or about to be) pick themselves up and attempt a new start – in a free world. is a lifeline.

One of the teachings was that if one was not Saved, or in Fellowship, death would surely await. We had to ask a brother if we could "Remember The Lord". This request was then brought up in the next Care Meeting. There was pressure to ask at a fairly early age. We were made to attend week-day meeting and if we (teenagers) did not want to go, someone had to ring the leading brother of the meeting and tell them why we did not want to go. Many were the altercations about this, but we stood our ground.

Tim and Sal Twinam are not just a couple fighting a reclusive religious sect from their log cabin in Vermont. Tim and Sal represent the deepest wishes and future hopes of people who have escaped from this controlling organisation, and quite probably that of many thousands who wish they could escape.

They are a couple of people, extremely generous with their time and skills, who know intimately the devastation and on-going pain inflicted by the cruel practices of the pretentious psuedo-religion called Exclusive Brethren (EB). They also know significant details about the power-hungry, greedy leaders of the cult - including their brazen double-standards, their nepotism and their complex web of interwoven business trusts.

Tim and Sal Twinam also know that, at present, the EB leadership continues daily to inflict mental harm on their international flock of about 43,000 modern slaves. The main driving force behind Tim and Sal Twinam's voluntary work is their realisation that, like them, there are many thousands of people drastically affected by the EB leadership's demand that it's members must live in extreme separation from the "worldly" community. This cult has developed it's power base to the extent that it almost totally negates the natural forces that operate to bond spouses and family members. It is the very real fear of massive personal loss, inflicted by the ruling elite of the EB leadership, that holds the flock captive. The consequences are personally destructive, and deaths can be attributed to this commercially-driven policy.

The Peebs.Net website saves lives, and is available to improve the quality of the lives of many hurt people - it must not close while that demand exists.

Im also am ex eb and have experienced situations like Ian reports.

Ive experienced one brother trying to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills,another tried to hang himself.I have a brother in law who suceeded in hanging himself,and a cousin who also passed on through taking her own life.

This cult has effected my family and many other families in so many very sad ways that often are never really able to be repaired and often only seem to get worse.Many of those who even escape still suffer on long afterwards and it even effects their children.Its a cancerous curse of birthplace, nobody in their right mind would ever agree to join out of choice.And next to none ever do.

Its seems strange im sure but i now even look forward to my own death as it slowly approaches with older age, i know only then will the pain for me really honestly cease.Only then will the regrets installed by a religious cult and a split and divided family that have been lived through like a long tedious never ending nightmare finally totally disappear.For me now in reality this has become just an inescapable truth that has to be faced.

Peebs net is a vital lifeline for many in so many ways.If a religious cult with large collective amounts of money is simply so easily able to totally shut down the only voice ex cult members have.

Then not only is it a sad thing for ex members,but it also exposes a very uncaring world that would simply allow such a thing to just happen.

A new baby is born into the Exclusive Brethren community. She is the third child in the family. Let’s call her Anna

Her social exposure is limited to her own family and other Exclusive Brethren families. She will probably attend church with the other members of the family (several times a week).

Anna is now five years old, and probably has at least one and maybe 3 younger siblings. She is of school age and will be either Home Schooled or will attend an Exclusive Brethren only school.

Her social exposure is still limited to her own family and other Exclusive Brethren families.

Anna is taught by qualified teachers who are NOT Exclusive Brethren members. The reason? The EB don’t have qualified teachers. The reason? Exclusive Brethren members are not allowed to attend University, hence they can’t gain qualifications.

Anna does well in her schooling. She is now in high school and is really interested in Computers, but the only computer Anna has used are the ones at school and they have been programmed so that the students only have access to “Exclusive Brethren” allowed programs and websites. The computers are called Wordex Machines. Many websites are blocked from her.

As a teenager Anna’s social exposure is still limited to her own family and other Exclusive Brethren families.

This means:
WHY??? Because she has been told that she MUST separate herself from the world as do all Exclusive Brethren.

Anna is now 18 yrs old and feeling pretty frustrated. She longs to continue her education and to experience the world outside of the Exclusive Brethren but is stuck working in an office for her Uncle, who of course is an EB. Anna’s future seems mapped for her. She will be married in a few years and will quickly become a Mother of many.

Anna at 19 yrs of age can cope no more…. She breaks loose and leaves her family home. This means she will lose her job also and that her family will no longer wish or be allowed to communicate with her.

She did speak to her parents before she left, but their input didn’t help her. They told her that something terrible would happen if she left and that she could possibly die in a car accident.

Anna had seen an advertisement in the local shopping mall and had replied. She was to live with an elderly couple who seemed very friendly and helpful.

Her first night away from home was emotional and horrific. All she could think of was the family she had left behind, even though they were only .5 of a kilometre away.

She watched TV for the first time with her elderly landlords. It was hard for her to follow and she had terrible guilt feelings for watching something so sinful.

At this time Anna’s social contact is zilch. She is now unable to have social contact with her family or other members of the Exclusive Brethren.

She feels lost and alone. She feels guilty for moving out from her family. She has no job, no friends, and no family to help her.

She knows NOBODY and she is really worried about the threat from her family.

Anna is grieving for her family.
Where does she go?
Who can help her?
Who would even understand her story?
Where can she find support?

With a little luck… She may have heard of PEEBS.NET and if Peebs.Net is not there.... well maybe her parents threat could come true :(

Buy Behind the Exclusive Brethren by Michael Bachelard. It will explain everything about this most nasty religious group.

My son, now 25, never saw his grandparents. My 18 year-old daughter never saw her grandmother but saw her grandfather on his deathbed during a very narrow opening of seeming goodwill. My childen loved their never-seen grandparents; I understand that they loved my children.

But their paths never crossed. enabled me to express my grief in a way that I otherwise had no outlet for.

Don't close them down.

To the Editor: Thank you for allowing us exEBs to post our comments here. The public in the US need to know more about the Exclusive Brethren that "fly below the radar."

My mother WAS best friends with her sister. Having come from a close-knit family, they did everything together and spoke to each other every day on the telephone. That was 39 years ago.

Mom is now 88 years old and her sister close to 90 years of age. They haven't seen each other in 39 years and have spoken to each other approximately 5 times in that span. Those conversations consisted of Mom's sister telling her that she needed to "get herself right, repent, and return to the True Position."

Mom's one wish is to hug her sister one more time before she "goes to be with the Lord." With the EBs policy of Separation, this will NEVER happen. Such is the situation of EVERYONE who leaves the Exclusive Brethren unless they get extremely lucky and the local EB "High Priests" offer a special dispensation. offers us (exEBers) a place where we can tell our stories and receive comfort from those who REALLY understand.

The Exclusive Brethren gave up their right to be called followers of Christ or Christians in 1970, when they made a vow of 100% loyalty to James Taylor Jr. a test of membership in their cult of human personality. If one refused to take this oath, s/he was expulsed. (Mr. Taylor had recently been discovered in bed with a married naked woman not his wife and had been “withdrawn from” in Aberdeen where the incident occurred.) Owing to the business relationships with the Hales family (Mr. Taylor’s daughter, Consuelo Taylor, married Bruce Hales), the Hales family supported and thus approved Mr. Taylor’s extramarital behaviour. To this day, the Hales family and James Taylor’s direct descendants defend him and have never said that he did not “have a right to take round” any woman in the Exclusive Brethren he desired. One can only assume that as this doctrine of extramarital sexual activity for “the Divinely Appointed Minister of the Lord in the Recovery” applied to James Taylor, Jr., then it must also currently apply to the present “Divinely Appointed Minister of the Lord in the Recovery.” Why hasn’t the government determined, if in fact, the Exclusive Brethren are allowing this polygamous practice to continue?

If a child is born gay and born into the Exclusive Brethren, s/he will be expulsed as a teenager, because “there is no homosexuality amongst us.” Therefore, there is no need for sex education or AIDS awareness. What has been described as “an epidemic of sexual abuse” of both underage males and females within the Exclusive Brethren has been established by law courts to have existed, and convictions for abuse committed within the ranks of the exclusive brethren have resulted. Why does the government continue to fund these private exclusive brethren schools which do not allow sex education in the curriculum? Why does the exclusive brethren hierarchy want its young people to be ignorant of possible or probable sexual predators in their midst? Why does the government continue to allow these youngsters to be enrolled in schools where there is no background screening of every exclusive brethren adult male frequenting the premises of their schools?

If a child is born with a deformity, “God is speaking to the parents,” who must have done something wicked to be punished in such a way. Cousins marry and intermarry within the Exclusive Brethren, because marriage outside this personality cult is forbidden. Black exclusive brethren cannot marry white exclusive brethren, and vice versa. Inter-racial marriage, once allowed, is now forbidden. Why does the government continue to fund and perpetuate a cult of human personality, which practices racial discrimination?

Given these few examples of the extreme practices of the exclusive brethren, it is not hard to understand why the “Divinely Appointed Minister of the Lord in the Recovery,” the world board chairman of the cult of human personality more commonly known as the Exclusive Brethren, is trying to silence his critics, who have exposed his anti-Christian operations and operatives on the website.

What is truly shocking is the involvement of a fine law firm Fulbright & Jaworski in a lawsuit, which is an act of malice against practicing Christians (two people actively involved in pastoral ministry motivated by their faith to assist those damaged by the exclusive brethren), and the role of Fulbright & Jaworski as facilitators of a lawsuit without any reasonable basis under the law. This law firm has made itself an accessory to the public persecution of two Christians carrying out the commandment given to all who confess His name and obey His commandment: “Let your light shine forth before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

The exclusive brethren are using the federal court in Vermont to interrupt and prevent the Twinams from carrying out their Christian mission as believing and practicing Christians. To the Twinams I can only refer again to that sermon given on a mountain almost two thousand years ago: “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for their’s is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.” It is my fervent prayer that all God-fearing people in America will be aroused to protest this travesty of judicial process and help end the religious persecution of the Twinams by a fanatically closed cult of human personality.

Gay relationships were around well and truly even prior to 40 years ago. A couple of women were discovered and that was only the tip of the iceberg. So to discriminate against Gay people is just a cover up for what is really going on. Some members live sordid lives and pity those who are stuck in there and cannot get out. Even some leading brothers were supposed to be a bit odd, but "had to get married".

many of these accounts document the Exclusives Brethrens aberrant,hypocritical,even reprehensible doctrines-but they aren't illegal.From personal accounts posted on peebs net,chances are there ARE questionable financial transactions going on- certainly the Exclusive Brethren wouldn't be the first cult that was accused of that-especially when they make comments about ''flying beneath the radar'' and being ''the highest court in the land''That suggests they see themselves as above the law and make their own rules.

What the taxpayers following this case should really be asking themselves is''do we want our tax dollars supporting this sort of thing?'' and ''why isn't there an audit of these people's finances?'' is a great site, full of information and contacts with people who understand this brethren background. I don't tell my friends about my family who have been caught up in this cult for the last 40 years but have been grateful for the contacts made through I was four when I left and wasn't aware of all the details so this site has helped fill in the gaps. It is so sad that many families have been split up, and the way that Exclusive Brethren treat family members who have left is appalling. is a great service in highlighting their un-Christian behaviour and I hope that the Brethren are brought to account for their years of abuse.

I’m a young man (almost 30) who left the brethren only a few years ago (not using my real name to avoid persecution of my family still in). It’s been hard because I’ve had to depend on my own self in trying to kick the props of alcohol and anti-depressants (often prescribed over the phone) which were so readily available and a staple diet of brethren life.

Luckily I’ve met a good woman (no previous brethren connection) and I’m getting there. But there were some very dark patches and I’m grateful that I came cross this website and found support through I now have a wide social circle of friends, some I have met in person, and in addition my wife (we got married this year) has found a lot of information that has helped her deal with some of my weirdness! This is an essential site, an invaluable resource and we must fight to maintain it at all costs. Thanks

Last year I came in contact through Peebs Net with a man whose parents used to be close friends of mine in the Exclusive Brethren in the 1950s and 1960s. He left the brethren as a teenager over 20 years ago and I was able to supply him with much information about his parents and grandparents which he did not know. I was able to send him my pictures of his parents' wedding. He had been put out of the brethren and had suffered the usual total separation from family who stayed within the brethren group.

Peebs net is an invaluable tool for helping people who have lost families and friends to re-connect with those who understand their situation.

I believe the Exclusive Brethren plan to silence then go after individual contributors who told the world what this cult was doing,and then break them financially by pursuing them by the courts-and they have the money to do so.Once is out of the way-the Exclusive Brethren will have a free rein to do whatever they want to whoever they want, whenever they want -just as they did in the days before computors-and there will be no way to stop or expose them.

I must congratulate Tim & Sallie for their tenacity in stanging up to the Goliath of the EB machinery .Perhaps they will begin to realise that the power of prayer is greater than all the expensive law firms they might care to engage .
I too am an Ex PB & found that it took many years to rid myself of the Brethren culture & thought pattern particularly difficult to realise that there is such a thing as grey between the absolutes of black & White
God Bless

On one of your websites you advertise a tenplate of a letter that can be used with Local Authorities when seeking to get the Tax Exemption the E.B.s falsely claim as PUBLIC PLACES OF WORSHIP removed. I have tried three times to get you to send me one, without success. I am currently arguing with my local Council in the U.K. to remove this exemption. Can you please send me a copy of the Tenplate you used in Brisbane. My email address is :- [email protected],com I currently have a Councillor and an M.P. helping me in my fight. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thanks John J. Jones

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