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November 04, 2009

The Jazz Guys: They Rock, You Decide

A couple of a weeks ago, Burlington's crown princes of pop, The Jazz Guys, took the local interwebs community by storm with a great cover and video of "Single Ladies," the recent chart scorcher by pop diva Beyoncé. If you haven't seen it yet — or simply wish to relive the glory — here it is again.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my SoundBites column two weeks ago, they are itchin' to get back into the studio and do it all again. The only hitch: They need your help to figure out which song they should lampoon next. Decisions, decisions.

Below is a list of five songs the band is currently considering. Take a look, cast your vote and in a couple of weeks, The JGs promise to rock our worlds yet again with another funny tune — and maybe a copyright infringement lawsuit.


Seriously? I think they should just stop.

Where's "Tardy for the Party"?

Their version stunk... mostly because they weren't wearing leotards. Before they move on to another song, I think they should redo the video. Fully leotard-ed. And high heels would be nice.

I'm 100% with Amber. "Tardy for the Party" is a must.

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