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December 24, 2009

Seven Days Takes Seven Days Off

Mainteaser_56 Every year at this time, the staff of Seven Days produces two issues at once, so we can take a week or so off between Christmas and New Years.

This year was no exception, although we did try something new. The papers for this week and next will come out a day early, on Tuesday, rather than on Wednesday, so you can pick up a copy before the stores are closed for Christmas and New Years.

We'll be taking a blogging break, too. We'll be back with more news and views in 2010. Thanks for reading this year, and happy holidays.

Illustration by Harry Bliss, from the cover of the Winter Reading Issue, 12/22/09.

A 7 day break from 7 days and Cathy. Thank you.

Whoa, what's with the angry elf?

Good for all of you. We all need to make sure we get breaks to re-energize ourselves. Our society is so caught up with "productivity" and how much we can all accomplish in as short a period of time that we forget that almost none of us should be working so hard to tread water.

So kudo's to Paula and Pamela for scheduling a real break for everyone (even if it meant a big push before leaving). Maybe we can all learn from this principle.

Now I'm really jealous. With the exception of being unemployed around the time of my mother's death two years ago, I haven't had more than a few days off in a row in six years. And being unemployed and broke with a dying mother and a new baby in the house is not a vacation.

To take from Christmas to new years off would be so nice. I hate you all so much.

Happy New Year slackers.

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