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April 02, 2010

Bike Bust

IMG00045 Nothing ruins a gorgeous, spring day like being towed. A Seven Days employee snapped this shot on Church Street a few minutes ago.

Angela Willis at Spillane's Towing and Recovery confirms that the driver is indeed towing the little moped. Willis wasn't sure why, but thought it was because the bike wasn't registered, and didn't have insurance.

A call to the Burlington PD didn't shed much light on the subject — the parking enforcement manager is out for the weekend. But the person who answered the phone said if you've got a motorized vehicle that has to be registered, you have to treat it like a car. In other words, don't park it on Church Street. That bike rack in the photo is just for people-powered vehicles.

*** UPDATE: Willis called back with new information — apparently the moped was not parked at all. The police pulled the driver over because the vehicle was weaving in traffic. The cops apparently checked up on the driver, and found the moped was not insured, or registered, hence the tow.

Motor vehicles should not be parked on the sidewalk.... I think that might have been the issue.

Bigger question here is how big of a tow truck do you need to haul away a moped? Think of all the carbon emissions going out to haul away the moped that someone may have been using to protect the environment, although illegally.
Great photo.

Yup. Despite popular belief, mopeds must be registered and insured in Vermont. This isn't the case in other states. Mopeds have been flying under the radar for years in B-town, whereas I was once pulled over in my driveway in Huntington just for test riding a new (old) 'ped around the block. Helmets aren't required, but they're a good idea, too.

Keep it legal, and you'll have no issue.

Now that is hard-hitting journalism

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