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May 11, 2010

What's Up With Bite Me Organic Pizza?

A Craiglist ad that went up on May 10 implied that Bite Me would be shutting its doors. "Restaurant closing...Everything must go," it proclaimed. "Ovens, POS systems, dishwashers, sinks, etc. all need a new home."

Although we were unable to reach owner Jack O'Brien, staffers at the restaurant, including his daughter Emily, say the post is fraudulent. "My dad is trying to call Craigslist to find out who's saying it," she notes. "There was a different [inaccurate Craigslist post] a while ago, and none of us knew what it was talking about."

In the meantime, the Bite Me team is working on quelling the rumor. "It's disrupting business because people are calling and asking," says Emily.

The good news? Bite Me is actually growing, not shrinking. This summer, O'Brien is adding organic creemees to the menu, and a note on Front Porch Forum suggests he's got some other schemes in the works, too. More on that when we reach him!

good news! love that place (even if i can only afford it once in a while).

Bite Me has an excellent product and I wish them continued success! Glad to hear that they are healthy and strong!

Oh man, I'd so hop on down there for a creemee. I haven't had one in years.

Organic creemees? Where the heck do you get those? Costco?

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