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July 07, 2010

Campaign Trail: Shumlin's New TV Ad, Peyton's "Censorship" Lawsuit and a Bartlett Photo Mashup

State Sen. Peter Shumlin is up with the first television ad of the 2010 governor's race.

If you watch network TV, there's a good you'll see it in the days ahead: the 30-second spot is airing 13 to 15 times daily on three stations (WCAX, WPTZ and WFFF) for at least the next two weeks, according to Shumlin campaign manager Alex MacLean. The media buy could be extended past two weeks, MacLean says, and more ads are in the works.

The August 24 Democratic primary is still seven weeks away but MacLean says Shumlin feels it's important to get his message out now. In early polling (whose methods are now being called into question), Shumlin is trailing two of his four Democratic rivals — State Sen. Doug Racine and Secretary of State Deb Markowitz — in hypothetical match-ups against Republican candidate Brian Dubie.

"We feel it's important for Vermonters to hear Peter's plan to get our economy moving again and put Vermonters back to work," MacLean tells Blurt.

Lots of candidates in Shumlin's shoes might make their first video biographical — an introduction to a candidate not terribly well known outside his home district of Windham County. But here, Shumlin goes straight for the issues: universal, single-payer health care; early childhood education; renewable energy (i.e. wind turbines); and connecting rural Vermonters to high-speed Internet service.

The video was produced by the consultants Laguens, Klose and Kully of Washington D.C., a firm that's done ads for Montana's junior U.S. Senator John Tester, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes, all Democrats.


The Sport of Politics

Meanwhile, in other campaign news, Vermont Sports is getting in on the campaign Q & A game with a survey that asks the gubernatorial candidates what they do for outdoor fun. All but Dubie responded. The results? The candidates sound so unbelievably sporty, it's a wonder they have time for anything else.


Matt Dunne: I grew up hiking with my dad, skiing Mt. Ascutney, swimming in Lake Willoughby, and shanty ice-fishing on Lake Fairlee.

Susan Bartlett: My husband and I have been avid outdoors folks for many years. We like to canoe, kayak, bird watch, and snowshoe.

Doug Racine: In the summer, I enjoy hiking, boating, kayaking, and bicycling. In the winter, I like to ski and snowshoe.

Peter Shumlin: I hike, fish, ski, run, and bike whenever and wherever I can.

Deb Markowitz: Between cross-country skiing in Hubbard Park, canoeing on the Green River Reservoir or the Lamoille River, and my favorite birthday hike on Camels Hump, our family makes the outdoors part of our daily life.


DSC06210 Em-Passioned

Independent candidate for governor, Em Peyton, who we wrote about in a recent Blurt post, is apparently preparing to file some sort of election lawsuit, according to her website, Looks like Peyton (pictured), a avowed foe of "greed," is seeking a jury trial and damages in the amount of $20 million for the "censorship" and "bias" shown by media outlets not covering her campaign. Her rambling and hilarious "legal action" contains such steams of consciousness as:

Whereas: Corporations are not People, and cannot enjoy the freedoms of speech and press as a flesh and blood real Person; they do not take the responsibility of a flesh and blood person nor the risks of having their entire person subjected to incarceration and interment. Therefore since their entire body cannot be placed into custody for the wrongs (they, it flesh  and blood persons  as a group or a clique) – in other words since they cannot in their entirety be jailed at a moments notice they do not take the risks that a flesh and blood person must and therefore should not be afforded the privileges that a soul of flesh and blood shall.


Dude, Where's My Blog?

Elaine Young, an assistant dean and professor of marketing at Champlain College, reviewed Democratic candidate Matt Dunne's campaign website and found some glaring omissions. Dunne, the young, tech-savvy former lawmaker and Google executive, has a pretty slick site, cut from the Obama for America cloth, Young finds. But it's missing one basic feature that's been a Democratic web must-have since Howard Dean ran for prez: a blog where fresh content can draw readers in and make the website an interactive platform for ideas and organizing.


Founding Mother?

And this is simply the best photo mash-up I've seen all day. From Democratic candidate Susan Bartlett's special Fourth of July e-mail message to supporters. Maybe she's gunning for her mug on Mt. Rushmore?


I went to Shumlin's site to see how he's going to "do it." Apparently he's going to get around the insurmountable obstacles that will NEVER allow single payer to exist in Vermont by "working with President Obama." Re: his "green economy" plans, he's going to "focus his efforts on building a strong renewable energy economy." Wow, those are some innovative and courageous plans.

This guy is sounding like Clavelle Part 2.

White-board ads with pretty electronic music in the background are so in. Thanks, UPS. Also, they didn't REALLY use Comic Sans in his lower-third title, did they?

As far as the Vermont sports aspects go,I believe Brian Dubie actually answered this by running part of the Burlington marathon. The other candidates are the ones that only talk about what they do but have not proven it.

Good point, Dale. Dubie deserves credit for running the marathon. His competitors were apparently there -- on the sidelines.

Tyler, thanks for reminder about UPS ad. Had a brain fart yesterday and couldn't remember where I'd seen it before. It's a carbon copy --- minus the UPS guy's attractive black mullet.

Here's the link.

"But here, Shumlin goes straight for the issues: universal, single-payer health care; early childhood education; renewable energy (i.e. wind turbines);"


Please, for the love of all things holy, never use the words mullet and attractive in the same thought again, even in jest. Mighty perhaps... or epic... but mullets are never attractive.

Personally, I'm anxiously awaiting Shumlin's next ad, the iCampaign. I believe he's got an app for our economic problems.

behind the scenes glimpse of future Shumlin campaign whiteboard TV ad? (parody), here.

@ MWB, the TwitPic thing is funny, and right on.

@MURPHY: Thank you! :-)

The guy's spending some serious dough, though. In addition to this TV campaign, in the last three days he's sent out at least two different mailings. The first one is one in which he uses his own photogenic, college-age daughter as his mouthpiece. "Vote for my Dad!" Presumably this is to convince us that he's really a "family man" despite his . . . well, you know. Gee, is that cynical? The thing is, why would I take political advice on whom I should vote for for Governor from a college kid? Esp. one who probably has spent the last 4 years out of the state? The second mailing is a picture of him with some pre-school kid. I guess the point of that one is to convince us that he doesn't actually eat children.

What's next? Peter-the-Speeder with Nixon's dog Checkers?

I'd love an update on that whackjob "censorship" lawsuit. Gotta be able to have a laugh in politics sometimes, given that it's so miserable the rest of the time!

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