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July 14, 2010

Fixing the Potholes

Ken Picard's blog post about problems at the Bolton Potholes swimming hole has generated quite a bit of discussion on this blog, some of it civil, some of it not. Many words have been exchanged, but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand of them. So here's one snapped yesterday by local Marty Dustin Kenney, showing the cars lined up on the side of the road near the Potholes.


Incidentally, I spoke yesterday with R.J. Vallie, chairperson of the Bolton Selectboard. He said 14 residents showed up at Monday night's special selectboard meeting — which, contrary to Ken's blog post, had originally been intended as a meeting about taxes —  to talk about the problems at the Potholes.

Vallie told me that the selectboard of the 900-resident town has heard some good suggestions, and is weighing its options, but that it will likely resort to ticketing and towing cars that are parked illegally in the travel lane of the road. Visitors are being asked to park at the Smilie Elementary School just down the hill.

He added that no one wants to shut the site down. "I don't hear anyone really saying, 'This is a terrible place, let's close it,'" he said. "I see people wanting respectfulness, wanting others to respect their property."

reading through the comments on the original post, I'm rolling my eyes at all the folks who cry "NIMBY". The locals seem to simply want the blocked road, trash, excrement, and public sex to stop. All the haters seem to think of this as NIMBY-ism. I think that's a basic level of civilization we're entitled to in our homes.

I wonder how many of the NIMBY haters actually care about the potholes, or they are just eager to start a flame war over public access to waterways.

Let's see. In this picture, I see one car with it's tires on the road. The rest are parked respectfully. In a town of 900 residents, 14 show up at a meeting to discuss the situation. Sounds to me like a few pissed off, NIMBY neighbors who were clueless as to where they were moving to when they moved in, now raising a huge stink. They are making it sound like the whole town is wanting to fix this problem, but if that were the case, hundreds of people would have shown up with pitchforks and fire and brimstone. Instead, 14 residents showed up. Big deal. The locals are in fact 2 or 3 vocal neighbors who are fed up with people parking on their lawns. Let's put this issue to bed and go swimming!

Ally, i see you haven't gotten any brighter in the last few days. I will agree 14 people does not seem like a lot,but it is the folks that show up that affect change.These home owners and residents and board members at the meeting own millions of dollars in real estate collectively. They are the one's that will be heard loud and clear.They want change,CHANGE is what they will get.The message will soon be ,if you want to come to Bolton and park with so much as a hair of rubber on the TRAVELED PORTION OF THE ROAD bring your wallet with you because it will be an expensive outing.Keep in mind Ally and please tell all your friends Bolton is not on the bus line , no cabs, and no working pay phone so coming back and not finding your vehicle will be inconvenient at best.So besides pack it in, pack it out.The new rule will be.After you park, LOOK IN YOUR REAR VIEW MIRRIOR TO MAKE SURE NOONE IS COMING UP THE HILL,OPEN YOUR CARS DOOR,LOOK DOWN,IF YOU SEE PAVEMENT BELOW YOU. THIS WOULD NOT BE THE PLACE TO PARK!!!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE USE YOUR HEADS.

These cars are parked right next to “no parking signs” that makes it illegal not respectful. Apparently VT has a much bigger illiteracy problem that I thought.

Your making assumptions about a community that you know nothing about. Believe me the fire and brimstine will come real soon.

People like you disgust me…I mean really do you think calling us names will suddenly change our mind?

Keep trolling……..

Ally, you seem like a dimwit troll. Typical of the entitled generation to see what they want... If you look up the hill in the picture, you easily see 12 cars parked fully on the pavement just past the end of the shoulder.. oh yeah, and they're all parked in front of a "no parking" sign as well. I drove the road that day, the cars go an easy 1/2 mile up, fully in the travel lane around 2 blind corners, forcing traveling vehicles to be DIRECTLY IN EACH OTHER'S PATH.
When you're car gets towed you'll be s.o.l. and out $300. Hope it's worth it.

Did anyone call the police?
If not then I guess those concerned are not concerned.

we all have called the staties... IF they come, they do not write tix or tow. They do stand on the rock with a bull horn warning everyone they are going to tow though, how nice of them.

Responding to John T.
Next call should be to commissioner of Public Safety(I think that is his official title.) Tom Tremblay. He always ran a tight ship in Burlington when it came to towing during snowstorms, as well as towing during street sweeping. Of Course the Handy corporation flatbeds prowl the streets looking for victims, and are their in a minute by request of Burlington Police Dept.
I suggest the town of Bolton along with their constable(if they have one) to contract with Handy's, have the constable call them and start the towing procedure.
If the town has no constable time to work on getting one elected and enforcing town laws.

Given the list of things going on at the potholes, I'm amazed the people of Bolton are being so civil about it.

The part that really bothers me is it is getting worse! I went down the mountain at 5 last night and the road was completely blocked at the top of the hill. I still would like to know what makes a person park in a road tight enough to a guardrail so your passengers have to get out the drivers side,on a blind curve no less and walk away from your vehicle.It is this type of self absorbed jerks that need to be towed to white river maybe. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET KILLED PEOPLE.I am now convinced that a three hundred dollar ticket is in order as well as towing.Don't pay the ticket you can't drive a vehicle.PERFECT


Matt – I’m so glad you called out the creeps “cruising” in our neighborhood. It’s nasty! Regardless of your sexual orientation you should not be having sex in public. They have ruined a perfectly good swimming spot.

Dale - Unfortunately Mr. Tremblay is less effective in his current role as he just defers complaints to his Captains and/or Lieutenants, who basically make excuses and justify the Troopers’ laziness. These swim holes have become a haven for deviants because the police won’t do their jobs.

Seven Days you suck.

Matt, thank you for pointing this spot out. I had heard this behavior was going on in open view and creeps lurking in the woods around certain swimming holes.This is absolutely unacceptable! Period. The Town of Bolton entertains lots of different folks each year with folks looking for recreation during the day between weddings or other group functions. Then you also have people who just want to be able to park safely and go for a quick dip on their way home from work.The thought of a family coming to our town and having their children witness that kind of behavior you mentioned is not o.k. . GET A ROOM YOU BUNCH OF HOGS!!!! Our wonderful swimming holes are turning into Shelburne point before it was developed and the perverts had to find a new fishing ground.We used to play a fun game with our Rottweiler and German Shepard at Shelburne point. I called it flushing freaks. You walk the dogs and encourage them to patrol the open fields and deep woods and see how many freaks they could flush out of hiding places, more naked men would pop up almost like that carnival game at the fair. We do not need that crap in this town. Take it elsewhere. JERKS

So here we are, another sunny weekend and cars lined up a 1/2 mile up the road in the travel lane. I saw the trooper and asked if she was here to tow and told me "the town said we can't tow," to which I told her that I was told by RJ Vallie that the police have the law to follow, which is tire on pavemnet is towable, she said Lt Thomas is going to be at Monday's selectboard meeting to iron it out. I then asked if she was writing tickets to which she replied, "I'm trying to be nice and not go that route..." I do not know what to say other than, IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE, BE AT THE SELECTBOARD MEETING MONDAY JULY 19TH TO MEET LT THOMAS.

7 Days, I'm disappointed you removed Matt's post, but I do understand it probably treaded on privacy rules though.

I do want it understood though, that there is a level of "cruising" going on further up the road from the potholes, being perpetrated by a very few individuals of whom the community has taken notice. We welcome alternate lifestyles in our community, so please do not misconstrue. "Cruising" behavior is deviant at best and brings a very creepy, if not dangerous vibe to our home.

If this activity is so wholesome, why are they not doing it in their neighborhoods?

I am sure your publication does not support nor condone this behavior and my post has not violated any of the rules I reviewed so I would expect it to remain.

I wonder if another 14 people will show up Monday night at the meeting. In a town of almost a 1000 residents, 14 people showing up complaining is hardly an issue. Look, when it's hot, people are going to swim, they are going to have a few beers, and they're going to park as close as possible so they can get in and out quickly and then back home for dinner. The not in my back yard folks on this forum crying in their spilled milk, and they really sound bad. The potholes used to be a locals spot, and now people come from all over to enjoy the beauty and the cool water. With websites like this: POTHOLES the world just gets smaller and smaller, more and more accessible.

you are a troll.

come on bolton, get with the program. Start charging for parking at the school. With this money, buy some trashcans and some signs. On the signs, talk about respecting the area. Use the money to pay casella to haul the trash and recycling. Hire spillanes to tow the cars from the road, it's one phone call. People are attracted to beautiful places. Its not going to end. More and more people are just going to come. So instead of resisting, embrace the valuable assest you have and make some money off it. Get with the program bolton!

Just another Sunday morning, just another 39 gallons of garbage and broken glass picked up from the "potholes" this morning, and that's just from the last 24 hours. Sure call me a NIMBY and tell me to stop complaining and whining. Or ask me "Why bother, you NIMBY?" Because I like to swim there too, and I don't want to swim and sit in garbage and cut my feet on broken glass. For those of you that do take your garbage with you, and even other people's garbage (I know I'm not alone in my cleaning up), treat the residents and area with respect, and park safely - Thanks.

Al , that is just what we need signs to send people to where are children play. All winter snowmobilers park at our school without a single problem.The difference is and why pot hole goers should not be at the school is snowmobilers do not leave rubbers, needles, bottles,tampons,dirty diapers,graffiti,beer cans,broken coolers,the occasional frying pan,and BROKEN GLASS? And heavens knows what else.Sportsman's groups have worked hard for years to create awareness and help preserve THE USE OF open space and use of private property for recreation.The issues surrounding the potholes are setting things back light years for everyone.SPORTSMAN YOU ARE NOT AL !

Al, it's obvious you have issues with reading comprehension, so I'll put it down again just for you... The potholes are on PRIVATE PROPERTY, even if the town had the resources to man a parking area, we cannot charge a parking fee for people to access someone's private property, we cannot put garbage cans and crappers on this person's property... Do you moron's understand the concept of someone owning property? Can I come to your house and start making "improvements" on it to suit me? The only thing the town can do in relation to easing the crush, (within our power legally) is cut off access from the town road. The police have REFUSED to call tow companies on our behalf and without a town ordinance in place (which we are working on) we as a town cannot do it ourselves.

If the state police have the power to write a speeding ticket on the road, then they have the power to ticket and tow violators on the road. Boltonites, please use this comment and advice when discussing the situation with State PD. How nice is the State police when a speeding ticket is involved on the road. Bolton needs to hold down the State Police and pressure them. Some have said Tremblay is now ineffective. May be true. Contact the Governor, form your arguments and protests, hold the state responsible as the state patrols the road.
I as a taxpayer of the state do not want to be held responsible for insufficient responses of our state police, in case of a head on collision in this area simply because the state police is trying to be nice.

On my way home yesterday afternoon there were about 20 cars illegally parked, fully in the uphill travel lane on the inside of the guardrail. I was totally surprised to watch a state trooper drive past all the cars as I waited to head up the hill... she did nothing other than check out the scene. The cops are obviously aware of the issue, but are not doing anything.

I still don't get why the parking on the downhill side of the road was blocked off. If they just re-opened that section of the shoulder it would absorb a good number of the cars and help with the current parking crunch. It won't do anything for the 'human nature' issues or garbage, etc... but getting rid of those pickets would at least help the parking situation.

On another note, people keep saying that the potholes are on private land, so BV can't put up signage, garbage cans, bathrooms, etc and charge for parking. Well, who owns the potholes, and what do they think about this whole mess? As a landowner, I think they'd have a loud voice in this whole issue... but we've heard nothing?

the property owner wants to know nothing, if someone drowns there, he wants no part of it...

the vsp. that's another story. If you read between the lines of what Lt Thomas said, a summary would be...

We have "bigger problems" in bolton than parking, such as speeding and dui, and now that you've gotten our feathers in a ruffle, we're gonna run speed/dui detail on your road to burn the locals.

your tax dollars, hard at work.

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