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August 27, 2010

Official Tally: Shumlin Beats Racine by 197 Votes

DSC07225 ***UPDATE: At a press conference this afternoon at the Richmond Town Hall, gubernatorial hopeful Doug Racine asked for a recount of the recent close election. Peter Shumlin bested Racine by just 197 votes, according to the latest tally. That is fewer than 1 vote per town, Racine pointed out, suggesting there could be at least that much error in the counts. Racine said he thought a recount could be completed within a week.***

The official results are in — and it's Peter Shumlin by a nose!

The Secretary of State's office released the tally by email at 1:55 p.m. Here's how it breaks down.

Peter Shumlin  18,276 (24.4%)

Doug Racine  18,079 (24.2%)

Deb Markowitz  17,580 (23.5%)

Matt Dunne  15,323 (20.5%)

Susan  Bartlett  3759 (5%)

The results put both Racine and Markowitz well within the 2% range for requesting a recount, though neither candidate has yet issued statements on their plans.

Racine is reportedly planning a 3:30 p.m. news conference to announce his plans. Racine had said he wanted to wait for official results because he'd found some errors in tallies reported by news outlets on election night. The official result seems to more or less agree with the Associated Press counts.

Dunne conceded he lost the race on Wednesday when unofficial results showed him trailing by more than 1000 votes.

The official results won't be certified, essentially a formality, until Tuesday morning.

Looks like Doug Racine wants a recount, awesome.

Well I guess my prediction that there would be no recount was wrong. Kinda makes that "unity" rally look like a joke. I'm sure Doug Racine has made Brian Dubie very happy today.

Very disappointed in 7 days in using the term Shumlin by a nose, you stole my comment. Anyhow to be politically correct in horse racing terms it would be SHUMLIN BY A FLARED NOSTRIL Racine second Markowitz completes the trifecta. Hold all tickets until results are declared official.

I agree completely with Haik.

Ed Adrian
[email protected]

To my Republican friends out their. please do not start to count your chickens before they stick their head out the egg.
A lot of talk out their how this recount will negatively effect the Democrat elected chances. Not true. still going to be at least 6 to 7 weeks of hard campaign time left for all to get their message out their.
Lets face it only 23% were listening up to primary day which was a lot better than primary's past, with the start of the fall season, school year etc. only a small number will be listening until 2 weeks before election day.
I got to ask Ed Adrian do you agree with my theory?

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