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August 27, 2010

Racine: "There is Still Hope for a Victory!"

DSC07084 Doug Racine trails Peter Shumlin by almost 200 votes in the unofficial tallies, but he hasn't given up hope that the official vote count will crown him the winner of the closest gubernatorial primary in recent memory.

State elections officials are tallying vote totals from Vermont's 246 towns as we speak and expect to finish as soon as later today.

This morning, Racine sent out a email to his supporters with the subject line "Thank You" asserting that he isn't out of it yet.

The email:

Thanks once again for your strong support throughout the campaign.

This feels like one long election night with the outcome still in doubt. We expect the Secretary of State’s office to complete their tabulation of the results some time later today. While we trail in the unofficial count compiled by the Associated Press, we know from past experience that those numbers can be inaccurate and are subject to change. There is still hope for a victory!

The question of a recount will come next and will depend on what we hear from the Secretary of State.

Whatever the eventual outcome, I know that together we ran a strong grassroots campaign. More than 2000 people participated in some way. That effort helped us finish in a neck-to-neck race against opponents who spent two to three times as much money. All of you made the difference and I thank you.


Go Doug! Let's hope for a victory. Shumlin 'the used car salesman' is not our best hope for victory in November. And if I had just spent over $100k on a campaign, I'd be demanding a recount too.

Would be nice if Racine also used his platform of the moment to remind voters that the real victory will be in November when a Democrat wins the race for governor.

Racine would have been a long shot to beat Dubie - Shumlin is a no shot. It's over, Johnny

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