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August 06, 2010

Still More Seven Days 2010 Staff Daysie Picks


A few weeks ago, Seven Days readers voted for their picks in our annual Daysies awards. Find the results in this week's newspaper, or online here


In addition, the Seven Days editorial staff has chosen to bestow a few Daysies of our own. We'll be posting them on this blog over the next couple days.

Here's the third and final round of our picks:

Best place to find bottles and cans: Isham Street

If I was industrious enough to search the sidewalks for redeemable recyclables, I'd totally make bank hitting Isham Street in Burlington's Old North End. That place is a gold mine for discarded beer bottles and cans. That's because every college student in Burlington lives there. Ok, that's not entirely true; many live on the surrounding streets — Loomis, Hickok, North Union, Green — which make up the College Ghetto. So if you need some extra income or you're just a really diligent recycler, you'll hit the jackpot in this little tin can alley.   - Lauren Ober

Best landscaped greenbelt: (tie) Park Street, South Champlain Street in Burlington.

Burlington has no shortage of well-landscaped yards, but the city's greenbelts need some work. So a hearty thanks goes out to the homeowners who take it upon themselves to spruce up their nearby greenbelt, beautifying their neighborhood beyond their own fences. Our favorites are the lush urban oases on Park Street near North Street, and the corner of South Champlain Street and King Street. Here's hoping the city hires one of those tasteful gardeners to take care of the eyesore median on Main Street soon. - Tyler Machado

The final two picks have no write-ups:

Best bathroom graffiti: (fierce disagreement) The O.P., Esox, Three Needs, Muddy Waters, Union Jack’s, all in Burlington.

Best place to find unexpectedly delicious cheesecake: Dobrà Tea in Burlington.

Do you agree with your picks? Disagree? Please leave a comment on this post, or write to us here.

The daisies are a joke.

Could these awards be any more tedious?

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