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August 19, 2010

Susan Bartlett Was With Me Last Night

Local-SusanBartlett Well, me and 150 other people who attended the Vermont Software Developers' Alliance 5th annual sunset cruise.

Apparently, the Democratic candidate for governor was scheduled to be at a gubernatorial candidate debate, and she passed up the opportunity to spend a few hours hanging out with members of the VTSDA and the Vermont Biosciences Alliance on the Spirit of Ethan Allen III. The event, incidentally, was sold out.

If I'd known Bartlett was playing hooky from the debate, I would have snapped a photo of her with my iPhone, for photographic proof, and maybe asked her why she decided to talk tech rather than spar with her opponents. But, alas, I didn't make the connection. I was there to talk with the VTSDA and VBSA about the upcoming Vermont 3.0 Tech Jam, which Seven Days helps organize.

Coincidentally, there was a large gathering of Vermont Republicans on the boat's lower level (the VTSDA crowd was on the second level). I spotted State Auditor Tom Salmon, Lt. Governor hopeful Phil Scott, Secretary of State candidate Jason Gibbs, and Lt. Governor and gubernatorial candidate Brian Dubie among the attendees. That might be why we had a police boat escorting us on our cruise...

Illustration by Marc Nadel.

There have been 50 debates, or however many, a lot, so she can be excused this one. And there is at least 1 more big one correct? Must have been very nice on the lake last night. She needs $$ for the last week, don't blame her a bit.

It was definitely a lovely night for a lake cruise.

If Bartlett had known you would be there Cathy I'm sure she would have attended. Plus I love how 7days made no attempt to talk to the GOP candidates, only the democrats. Liberal bias perhaps?

Obviously she realized that she has no chance and she has given up. I don't blame her. Her campaign was poorly run. Time to move on.

Um, Burns, as I indicated in my post, I didn't even talk to Susan Bartlett. I saw her and recognized her. I didn't talk to any of the politicians. I was there to talk to the VTSDA and VBSA members. That's why she was there, too.

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