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August 24, 2010

Vermont Primary Election Reports and Results

We won't have election results until tonight, but here's a place to share and comment on the day's events. We'll move this to the homepage of the Seven Days website later this afternoon.

Ludlow has been relatively busy for a primary; don't have a head count yet on voters but it is much more active than expected - and certainly more active than the pundits' projections.

If this holds true, I would quess its good news for Dunne, Racine, and Markowitz. This should be Shumlin territory.

High turnout in Windsor County is good news for Dunne who has been working very hard there.

Looks like turn out in Moretown was three times + what it was for the presidential primary.

Using the current AP numbers (as of 2:05 AM, Wednesday, August 25th; not the Times Argus ones) and counting up all the votes tabulated with 232 of 260 precincts reporting, the tally thus far in the VT Dem Guv primary is 67,510 and for the VT GOP Lt. Guv primary is 25,898 for a total of 93,408 with 28 precincts not officially accounted for yet. Therefore voter turnout was greater than most pundits had originally predicted, even before the later downgrading of such initial predictions. Congrats Vermont!

for those seeking the latest VT primary vote results as they come in, below are some of the various sources, fyi:

AP, here

NY Times, here.

Politico, here.

VPR, here.

Times Argus, here

WPTZ, here.

Fox 44 News VT primary results page, here.

Politico article on the VT Dem Guv primary battle, here.

vtdigger article, here.

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