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October 27, 2010

Independent Emily Peyton Withdraws from Governor's Race, Backs Shumlin

Emily Peyton Another independent candidate has dropped out of the super-competitive governor's race and endorsed Democrat Peter Shumlin.

Emily Peyton, a 51-year-old activist from Putney, told Seven Days today she is withdrawing effective immediately. She is the second candidate in as many days to back out of the race: Yesterday, Liberty Union Party candidate Ben Mitchell threw in the towel, saying he didn't want his votes to tip the election to Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, who Mitchell calls "a far right ideologue."

Three other independent candidates — Dennis Steele of Kirby, Dan Feliciano of Essex Junction, and Cris Ericson of Chester — have all said they're staying in the race.

The departure of Peyton and Mitchell would seemingly help Shumlin as he battles Dubie for the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Gov. Jim Douglas. A VPR opinion poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. earlier this month, showed Dubie getting 44 percent and Shumlin with 43 percent. Each of the five independent candidates were polling at 1 percent.

Peyton and Mitchell were both running to the left of Shumlin on platforms of socialized energy, state-owned banks and drug legalization. Peyton says she's mentioned her ideas for banking reform to Shumlin and feels the Democrat has been receptive.

Peyton blames the "suppression of my platform by the media" and a "lack of inclusion in the debates" for sinking her campaign. "I didn't have the name recognition," she says.

"The race was fixed from the beginning," she continues. "The race was not ever an open, flat playing field. I kicked myself for not strategizing by going as a Republican to get into the forums. But frankly, I don't believe in  Republicans or Democrats."

Peyton's name will still appear on the ballot — as will MItchell's — but she's urging her supporters to vote for Shumlin.

"When I go into the booth, I will be voting for Peter Shumlin, because I want to vote for a winner," Peyton says.

Makes you wonder if Peyton and Mitchell got paid off by Shumlin.
Just wondering though. No facts.
Oh. Is Emily the next Mrs. Shumlin?
Sorry it just came out of my typewriting fingers.

Thanks for confirming you're an idiot. Oh, and it's been 5 minutes since you demanded that Kiss and Leopold resign. Have you changed your mind?

Jimmy. It has not been 5 minutes since I asked for the resignation of the Mayor and CAO. I ask that every second of my life recently.
Concerning Shummy and Emily. Does she live in Putney? Whoa.

I saw this episode of the Simpsons once where aliens replaced the presidential candidates. I think that may have happened here.

(Dale, may I suggest you change the tin foil hat? I think some of the government rays might be getting through.)

Dennis Steele did get a fishy phone-call:

For the record, the "Jimmy" above is not the Jimmy who has commented here previously. For one thing, I tend not to call people "idiots." I leave that kind of thing to Doug Hoffer.

I comment anonymously simply because if my identity were revealed if wouldn't be good for my party.

I don't have a "party," fake Jimmy. Gotta love anonymous posters haranguing others for posting anonymously.

to NOT be Prosecuted or Punished
for using, selling, or growing substances or products that are as equally dangerous
or LESS dangerous
than other legal products such as
Alcoholic Beverages;

to NOT be prosecuted and Punished
for growing, selling or using MARIJUANA
because it is equally as dangerous or LESS DANGEROUS
than alcoholic beverages.

In the Oct. 28th U.S. Senate Debate on Vermont Public Television I read from the New York Times: legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana to adults can bring in BILLIONS OF NEW TAX DOLLARS!

Remember, I am on the ballot for both U.S. Senate and Governor, and
I am consistent in my message to you,
and I have been consistent since I first ran in 2002:

That's like, totally stoked, dude.

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