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November 02, 2010

Election Night 2010 Live Blog

***UPDATE: 10/3, 1:10 a.m.***

We shut down the live blog at 1:00 a.m. Thanks to our panelists, the many sources who gave us results, and especially to everyone who stopped by to chat with us, many of whom stuck it out until the bitter end.

The governor's race is too close to call right now, but WCAX is reporting that Democrat Peter Shumlin leads Republican Brian Dubie by about 4500 votes with 94.4% of precincts reporting results. Stay tuned for more coverage in the morning.


We've been hosting CoverItLive election-night live blogs at Seven Days for a few years now — it seems like every media outlet in the state has picked up on this trend, probably because CoverItLive is free, and easy to use and basically awesome. So you'll have a number of live chats to choose from tonight.

Why should you hang out with us? Because this time around, we decided to try something a little different. In addition to Seven Days' news team, this live blog will feature commentary and analysis from observers on the ground all over the state, including Angelo Lynn (Addison Independent), Jeff Potter (The Commons, Brattleboro), Ethan Dezotelle (, Neil Goswami (Bennington Banner), Geoffrey Norman (Vermont Tiger), Jess Wilson (CCTV), Meghan O'Rourke (CCTV), Ed Adrian (Burlington City Councilor) and Kevin Ellis (Kimball Sherman Ellis). We even invited a "court jester" to entertain us — Vermont Comedy Diva Josie Leavitt.

And of course, we'll be streaming tweets and reports from news organizations around the state.

I won't claim that our coverage will be the state's most comprehensive, but I'm hoping that it's the most entertaining. I mean, we're all just sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for numbers. Might as well have fun while we wait, right? -- Cathy Resmer, Seven Days online editor/associate publisher

Whew, that was fun! Thanks for joining us, everyone.

I don't understand how WCAX says Shumlin has a 4,500 vote edge when the BFP says it's a 1,000 votes.

Webber, it probably has to do with how many precincts are reporting; if more results have been called in to one or the other, the numbers would be off. I know WCAX was way ahead last night, in terms of the number of precincts they had.

No matter who wins, let us hope we do not "Florida" ourselves with an electoral/constitutional fiasco.

This was so much fun to participate in. Better than going to the party, where I understand, everyone was watching this live blog to know what the election results were!. I have heard from several people who followed this and noted my part in the live blog. They all loved watching it. Carolyn Bates

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