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December 17, 2010

Polls Gives Obama 71-Point Lead Over Sanders in Hypothetical 2012 Match-Up

Sanders-header Bad news for folks on board the "Bernie for President" bandwagon.

A poll of New Hampshire Democrats and independents released today by Magellan Strategies shows Barack Obama shellacking Filibernie by 79 to 8 in a theoretical "primary" election. Sanders has said he's not interested in running for president but that hasn't stopped more than 500 fans from signing a petition asking him to do it anyway.

Since the senator's super-human, 9-hour faux filibuster on the Obama tax cut deal, the Sanders for Prez movement has spawned two websites ( and; two Facebook pages (here and here); a Tumblr blog; an ActBlue fundraising page that's raked in a whopping $759; and last but not least, a Cafe Press merchandise page (where Sanders-style socialism meets good old-fashioned, money-grubbing capitalism.)

The poll matched up Obama against Howard Dean too — who has also said he isn't running, and has commented on CBS's "Face the Nation" that a Democratic primary would be bad for the party and the president. Obama would crush Dean by 78 to 10. The only Democrat who even comes close to competing against Obama for the hearts of Granite State primary voters is Hillary Clinton, who trails Obama by 31 points in the poll. And Clinton has said she's not running either.

The automated poll surveyed 1002 likely Democrat and independent 2012 Presidential primary voters and was fieled December 14 and 15.

Thats a HUGE gap.

"Sanders has said he's not interested in running for president"

So how is this relevant?

Also, "superhuman" is neither accurate in this context, nor hyphenated in any context. It was actually an 8-1/2 hour speech, and there are people around here who work harder than that for longer every single day.

Oh, Jimmy! Why are you so obsessed with facts? Bernie is our cute socialist darling, so we're going to exaggerate the length of his speech and call the event "super-human." Don't be such a party-pooper! Don't you remember when Mao was 80 years old and he swam across the Yangtze River faster than anyone in China ever had? It's kinda like that.

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