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December 08, 2010

WPTZ Hires New Anchor

Mallet There'll be a new anchor in town come the first of the year, according to WPTZ NewsChannel 5.

After a nationwide search to replace outgoing anchor Gus Rosendale that included candidates from coast to coast, the station has hired George Mallet, the afternoon news anchor of Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate WTMJ, to join Stephanie Gorin at the station’s’ anchor desk at WPTZ NewsChannel 5 / WNNE NewsChannel 31.

Mallet (pronounced “MAL-lay”) is a veteran anchor and  reporter, who has held positions at several stations including  WTXF in Philadelphia and WTVD in Raleigh-Durham, WPTZ said in a news release.

Rosendale announced earlier this year that he's leaving to join the anchor team at KSTP-TV, the ABC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Rosendale, who co-anchored the 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. newscasts on WPTZ with Gorin, begins his new duties as an evening news anchor in the Twin Cities in mid-December. Rosendale has worked at WPTZ twice. He began his on-air television career at the station in 2000, moved to sister station WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh in 2005, and returned to NewsChannel 5 in January 2008.

Mallet has East Coast roots and looks forward to returning to the Northeast. An avid equestrian and kayaker, Mallet thinks the region will be a perfect fit, both personally and professionally.

“I’m obviously very excited to come to the Champlain Valley,” said Mallet.  “I’ve visited the area numerous times over the years, on vacation. I can’t wait to call it home and get back close to my roots.”

WPTZ / WNNE News Director Sinan Sadar said Mallet ensures that the stations' on-air talent remains among the most experience in the region.

“The addition of George Mallet to the team of Stephanie Gorin and Tom Messner means WPTZ will have a front line news team with a wide range of experience and maturity that can’t be matched by any other organization,” said Sadar. “George is a great guy who really wanted to come to the Champlain Valley. He made it clear to me from our first conversation. I think the people of our area will grow to like and respect George as I do.”

Mallet will begin work at the station in January.

Uh . . . who the hell cares which talking head has his face powdered and reads the news? Rosendale proved that absolutely any clown can do it.

Maybe someday someone will realize that the most qualified candidate for heading a news operation is someone who grew up in the local community and who has deep, deep ties to it. Not some smiling imbecile who rotates around the country from anchor job to anchor job and who ends every broadcast with the nitwit catchphrase, "Hope your news is good news!"

Gus Rosendale was pretty bad. He'd be great for FAUX News though!

Viewers were getting tired of his eye-rolling subjectivity while reporting news stories, calling Brian Dubie "general" in the debate, attempting to cut the Shumlin-Dubie debate short, and saying on the 6PM news, "I'm going to kill you". Even if joking, it shows that he has the same level of professionalism as an Elementary school cafeteria.

Hey Gus: buh-bye.

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