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January 09, 2011

Dancing with the Star: Peter Shumlin

In last Thursday's NOW email, I suggested that Friday's inaugural ball might call for a pair of glass slippers. I was just kidding  — though it would have been doable, thanks to the heated walkways at Sugarbush. 

More modest footwear didn't put off the "prince", though, who was in a dancing mood. Governor Peter Shumlin, the beau of the ball, pressed me into a swinging pas de deux that suggests Vermont's foxtrotting days may be over. There were no lifts or dips — thank God — but the governor was definitely leading. Not since my ballet days has a guy twirled me around like that.  

Shumlin must have set his agenda the moment he spotted me — we've known each other for years, but have never locked limbs. There was no asking involved; Shumlin simply appeared, relieved me of my drink — which he passed off to my boyfriend, Sen. Tim Ashe — and led me by the hand toward the band. 

Were they playing Little Feat's "Dixie Chicken"? I can't remember. I was too busy trying to keep up with the governor. As a former dance critic, I don't say this often: The dude can dance. Soon enough we'll see if he can cut a budget as artfully as he cuts the rug.

That was exciting.

What, no photo or, even better, video evidence? What a shame?

Maybe 7Days should run one of their famed polls to find out how people who attended the inaugural ball thought of Governor Shumlin's dancing?

I can see your impressed. I'm surprised he would dance with you after trying to smear him during the big phony survey last winter.

Surprised you would dance with him, or he with you. The most ethically challenged legislator.

Gah! I'm bitter and post nasty little insults on blogs. If you're going to be cruel, at least TRY to do it with a little style. For example, Oscar Wilde:

"I was in hopes he would have married Lady Kelso. But I believe he said her family was too large. Or was it her feet? I forget which. "


This reminds me of the post you did 8 years ago about what a great dancer Douglas was.

Oh, wait. You didn't make such a post. I guess that's because you weren't in love with Douglas.

Or, could it be, because Douglas never dragged me out onto the dance floor? I'm still waiting...

"Dragged"? Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Nothing mentioned here or in the paper about the band? Curious. That dance was inspired by Bob Wagner and the All Star Inaugural Band...D Davis, Russ Lawton, John Rogone, Ray Paschowski, Lowell Thompson and Dave Grippo, and in conversation with the Governor he told me he was just blown away! Just so people know...

The governors ball was THE best party in this state in years.The icing on the campaign cake. The Sugarbush people were great hosts.The Vt food was fresh and filling.The band was the best dance band I have ever heard in our state.And yes the gov can dance and dance and dance.

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