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January 13, 2011

Want to Help Pete's Greens?

IMG_0038 ***UPDATED 1/14/11***

Following yesterday's devastating fire at Pete's Greens in Craftsbury, many readers have wondered how to help the beloved produce purveyor.

The Pete's Greens homepage now features the photo at right, along with links to a page with more information about the fire and to Paypal, where folks can pledge any amount to help rebuild the barn and buy new equipment lost in the blaze.

One Burlingtonian has come up with his own way to raise funds. Jordan Silverman of Pine Street's Jordan Silverman Photography has set up a web page of his own. On it, he's selling bright, full-color photos he took of the farm and of Pete Johnson himself. All proceeds will go directly to Pete's Greens.

On his Facebook page, Silverman also invites other photographers with pictures of the farm to donate their work to the cause.

***UPDATE 1/14/11***

Ed. Note: Here's a Farm Update from Pete, with news of fundraising efforts and thanks to supporters.

Somebody has to ask the question: If the contents of the barn were so valuable, and if so many other people and businesses (the individual CSA customers, the farmers who sent their produce to Pete's barn, and the restaurants who were supplied by the barn), HOWCOME HE DIDN'T HAVE INSURANCE TO COVER A LOSS LIKE THIS? It seems extremely irresponsible.

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