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March 10, 2011

And the Doyle Survey Says ...

Doylesurvey With 34 towns reporting and 3587 votes tallied, the 2011 Town Meeting Survey results were released this week by Sen. Bill Doyle (R-Washington).

Doyle has conducted this unscientific survey of residents across Vermont for more than 40 years, and said this year's 13 questions included what he believes to be a record number of "new" queries. In past years, Doyle has tended to rely on very similar questions. This year, several politicians, and members of the public, asked him to put specific items on the survey ballot.

Big winners from this year's survey are: expanding the bottle bill, keeping the state's motorcycle helmet law intact and,  once again, banning the use of cellphones will driving. Those who filled out the survey also said there should be tougher penalties for repeat DUI offenders.

By a slight margin, those who filled out the survey said that Vermont Yankee should not have its license renewed in 2012, and that people should not be mandated to buy health insurance.

Of those surveyed, 46 percent have "confidence" in Gov. Peter Shumlin, while 28 percent did not. Another 25 percent weren't sure.

Here are the results (so far):

1. Should  Vermont Yankee's license be renewed in 2012?

Yes: 1441 (40%)

No: 1681 (47%)

Unsure: 429 (12%)

2. Should drivers be prohibited from using cellphones while driving?

Yes: 2749 (77%)

No: 630 (18%)

Unsure: 177 (5%)

3. Should Vermont legalize physician-assisted suicide?

Yes: 1906 (53%)

No: 1194 (33%)

Unsure: 464 (13%)

4. Should Vermont have a four-year term for governor?

Yes: 2147 (60%)

No: 1021 (28%)

Unsure: 385 (11%)

5. Should there be a mandatory minimum sentence for repeat DUI offenders?

Yes: 2733 (76%)

No: 477 (13%)

Unsure: 343 (10%)

6. Should Vermonters be required to buy health insurance?

Yes: 1123 (31%)

No: 1720 (48%)

Unsure: 682 (19%)

7. Do you have confidence in Governor Shumlin?

Yes: 1654 (46%)

No: 1000 (28%)

Unsure: 901 (25%)

8. Should Vermont continue to require the use of motorcycle helmets?

Yes: 3273 (91%)

No: 228 (6%)

Unsure: 68 (2%)

9. Should law enforcement personnel be permitted to use Tasers?

Yes: 1790 (50%)

No: 1048 (29%)

Unsure: 716 (20%)

10. Should Vermont's legislature encourage bicycling and walking?

Yes: 2598 (72%)

No: 631 (18%)

Unsure: 284 (8%)

11. Should Vermont's bottle deposit law be expanded to include all bottled beverages?

Yes: 2814 (78%)

No: 499 (14%)

Unsure: 252 (7%)

12. Are you willing to pay more for locally grown food?

Yes: 2386 (67%)

No: 834 (23%)

Unsure: 317 (9%)

13. In order to encourage wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, are you willing to pay higher prices?

Yes: 1701 (47%)

No: 1324 (37%)

Unsure: 510 (14%)


Publishing these "results" is on a par with the stupidity of the typical 7 Days surveys. Simply publishing the tally of an illconceived survey does not make it legitimate.

Sorry you don't like the results Real, but publishing them is just saying it is what it is...

Has the Doyle survey ever before asked Vermonters if they have confidence in their Governor?

If not, why now?

Anyone ever asked Bill how he decides which questions to ask?

How much would Vermonter's have to pay in additional cost for renewable energy incentives?

If the fee were tied to the rate payer, I for one, would be glad to support the mandate. With that being said, it is assumed that ALL Vermonters will have access to the funds for solar projects and energy improvements.

With a properly structured incentive, one based on need, all Vermonter's would share the benefit. We could decrease our unemployment and move toward a strong-decentralized power grid. Decentralizing the grid via, independent home owned grid tied solar systems greatly insulates the customer from fluctuations in the energy markets. Furthermore, it will strengthen the grid by diversifying sources of input.

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