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March 08, 2011

Glock, Paper, Scissors?

John_Belknap_L-2_blk_detail_stock OK, that headline might be a little misleading, but it got your attention, didn't it? On a day when a mountain of snow is blocking every door of my home, it's nice to think about the Shelburne Museum opening in May, cuz that means it will be warm. Or at least warmish. A press release from the museum today announces the season's new shows.

One of them, titled "Lock, Stock and Barrel: The Terry Tyler Collection of Vermont Firearms," features 106 guns made between 1790 and 1900. There may not actually be a Glock among them, as I have no idea when Glocks arrived on the arsenal scene. In fact, I'm personally no fan of anything with which I could shoot myself or others, but I'm sure these particular weapons are at least handsomely designed.

Paperwork_Velliquette_Seeker_detail Paper is something I can appreciate. And, with the exception of paper cuts, it is not potentially harmful. "Paperwork in 3D," however, is about cuts of an artier kind: The exhibit explores origami, pop-up books and graphic novels, sculpture and more — see the awesome photo here for an example of fanciful paperwork ("Seeker" by Michael Velliquette, 24 by 28 by 7 inches). I totally want one of those. Or maybe the 3D paper leopard.

Fashion design (alluded to in the "Scissors" part of my headline above) is the subject of the Shelburne's third major exhibit this year. "In Fashion" offers up costumes and accessories both from the museum's collection as well as from some leading contemporary designers. In fact, a little birdy told me that a designer whose initials are KL and who is known to sometimes hang in Vermont will be involved. But that's a secret, OK?

In_Fashion_Worth_Bodice Please note that the jacket at right is normally worn with a long, elegant skirt, but could be dressed down with some skinny jeans.

This exhibit doesn't open till June 18, so fashionistas should not get your knickers in a twist just yet. But you could pull out some pretty, strappy sandals from your closet and gaze at them longingly.

Guns and paper open May 15. Details at All photos courtesy of the museum.


"Paper ... with the exception of paper cuts, it is not potentially harmful." Wrong! Paper is at least as harmful as guns, if not more so. In both cases, the item itself is not dangerous, it is what people do with it that is harmful. Probably in most cases, the damage done by people with guns has been, in large part, a result of what people have done with paper.

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