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June 29, 2011

Two Girls, Two Bikes, No Problems

2011-06-29_13-40-37_119 In Vermont, it's not uncommon to see folks out on the roadside, thumbing for rides. Hitchhiking, especially in the hinterlands, is still a fairly accepted way to get around our rural state. There are always folks hitching on Route 2 in Montpelier or out on Shelburne Road. Whether anyone ever picks them up, or whether they're ever heard from again, is a different story. 

So, the fact that two young Canadiennes have been wandering around Burlington all day looking to bum a ride to Montréal isn't all that remarkable. During the summer, Church Street is choked with dirty travelers looking for ways out of town. But these two, named Erica and Alex, are a little different from your average freight-hopping hobos.

The pair bicycled down to Burlington from Montréal, a nearly 100-mile trip on secondary country roads. And now they'd rather not bike back. It was one of those things that seemed really fun at the outset, but maybe isn't worth doing again. So they're trying to catch a ride back to the land of flannel and maple. Wait, that's Vermont. And they're willing to pay for some gas. (But not the $60 each it'll cost them to take the Dirty Dog.) And they might even give you that packet of peanut M&Ms seen in the photo above.

So, if you're not a creep and you're heading to Montréal in the next day and you'd like some company in the form of two seemingly charming and hip young women and their two bicycles, and you like peanut M&Ms, give them a call at 646-318-4911. Tell them Seven Days sent you. 

Doesn't seem like a good idea to post their phone number. It would seem more appropriate to have them e-mail you Lauren so you could pass the message along...

Hey Folks!

This is Alex from the Alex & Erica duo! I just wanted to let the Burlington community know that we successfully found a ride and made our way home à Montreal!!!! Two lovely Québécois ladies hanging out on Church St. offered us a lift and we had a great time working our French with them.
I just wanted to give a MAJOR shoutout to the amazing babes of Burlington for being so supportive, friendly and hot hot hot!
Notables: Becca from CarShareVt, Gabe and all the amazing sandwich artists from City Market, Rick from Outdoor Gear Exchange, the lovely girls from the Skinny Pancake, Shoshi and her awesome roommates, and the hundreds of babes on bikes all around Burlington.
Congratulations Burlington, you win my Most Hospitable (and Most Attractive) City in the USA award! See you soon!

Hey Alex & Erica!! Glad you made it home! Looks like you didn't bite off more than you could chew! See you next time!

Nick from the Outdoor Gear Exchange

Jcarter, thanks for your concern re: their phone number. But they actually okayed that, so we felt fine posting it.

I know this isn't on topic, but I just had to comment on the charming sight I witnessed today at the intersection of Pearl and N Union: two lovely 20-ish lasses on long boards, one carrying a rake, and one carrying a hoe, rolling north on the bike lane. I spent my wait time at the red light making up a story to go with it. Thank you, whoever you are, for a lovely Burlington moment!

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