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July 05, 2011

Bike Maps Are So Hot

Cover What's hotter than West Texas pavement in late July?  How about the new Burlington bike map. Oh, yes. This smoking hot ticket dropped about two weeks ago and can be yours for free. That's right — free.

The new map, which features bike routes in Burlington, South Burlington and parts of Winooski and Colchester, is a revamped version of a previous map. This newest iteration features information about mass transit, recreational areas, environmental sites and other "points of interest," such as my bedroom. I kid. But it is a pretty jazzy work of cartographic excellence.

I promise you if you pick one up, unless you're a Burlington-area geography junkie, you'll find something you never knew about this place. Like the fact that Rock Point is home to a geologic feature called the Champlain Thrust  or that there's a biological waste water facility called the Living Machine in South Burlington. Learning new things — what fun!

On the map, you'll also learn tips for riding in traffic, how to use hand signals and where all the designated bike routes and lanes in the area are, as well as heavily trafficked roads, which you should avoid unless your idea of a good time is losing half of your adult teeth in some SUV's grill. Also included on the map are nifty diagrams on how to navigate various intersections, like the rotary at Shelburne and Ledge roads, and the nightmare that is the intersection at East Avenue, Spear Street and Main Street (Williston Road). 

The map is the work of the Burlington Walk/Bike Council in partnership with the Burlington Department of Public Works. It will be available at the DPW on Pine and Lakeside streets, as well as Local Motion's Trailside Center, tourist kiosks and the local bike shops, among other places. Pick one up. Wear a helmet. Buy some bike lights (they're the law in Burlington for night cycling). And get your hot fanny pedaling. 



"that there's a biological waste water facility called the Living Machine in South Burlington... "

*Originally dubbed the "Champlain Shit Shack", focus group research lead to the change.

I would hope that in this map their is a memo to bikers to abstain from texting while biking, as it becoming a problem.
No hands on wheel but both hands on the testing unit.
Dangerous I say, it must be stopped. Please report such activity to BPD as well as Mayor Kiss, just to keep him informed of whats going on in the city, as he seems to sleep during most of it.

The new bike map is awesome! Way to go BWBC!

The South Burlington Rec Path is also well-documented. Copies of the map are also available at the South Burlington Recreation Department. We are all into connectivity. See you on the Path.

Its always a good sign when more information is made available showing new (and old!) places to cycle. It all helps to encourage people to try biking again, and those already with bikes to be even more adventurous!

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