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August 21, 2011

Grazing: Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Salted It doesn't look like much, but these were the remnants of an ecstatic eating experience (the sweet kind).

I found it impossible to take a decent photo of the salted-caramel ice cream sandwich that had our office buzzing this week. The same fleeting quality that made it so yummy — its sumptuous, salty-sweet insides — puddled into a gooey mess almost from the moment it emerged from the freezer. It is Mirabelles that had the genius to sandwich salted-caramel ice cream between two rich, slightly gooey chocolate crinkle cookies, and it oozes from the sides with every bite.

The dessert's flavor is so crazy making that I twirled and dodged while trying to catch every last bit before it dripped away. I ended up with some leftover cookie and a big pool of melted caramel and cream (see picture) that I dragged my fingers through like a child.

I wanted to spread their gospel, but one of Mirabelles owners called today to say that the bakery is suspending ice-cream-sandwich assemblage until some freezer issues are sorted out. I'm watching the calendar, because when that freezer is fine tuned, I'll be back in line with $4 in hand, waistline be damned. Salted caramel (and salted desserts in general) probably have a finite moment in the spotlight, and summer in Vermont is as evanescent as a melting cone. Next time, I'll try the peach ice cream and sorbet wedged between pecan cookies. They'll come back — right?

Corin Hirsch seeks out (and tries to recreate) tasty dishes and drinks that reflect the season. Each week, Grazing highlights some of those adventures.

I will be next to you in line! YUMMY

This sounds absolutely decadent. I can't wait till they come back, but I'm prepared to wait. Salted caramel ice cream sammies are just as delicious in the dead of winter as they are in the heat of the summer!

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