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September 30, 2011

Gov. Peter Shumlin Snubs Entergy's Post-Irene Donations

Donation_jar Gov. Peter Shumlin recently thanked a host of private companies for their generous cash donations to state and local flood relief efforts, but there was one major omission: Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee.

The owner of the state's lone nuclear power plant has donated more than $130,000 to Windham County and Brattleboro relief efforts in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene.

Pro-VY blogger Meredith Angwin first noted the oversight on her blog Yes Vermont Yankee.

Shumlin praised numerous "corporate angels" (see list below) during a glad-handing event at National Life in Montpelier last week — including several that donated far less than Entergy. The media, naturally, were invited, but not the gov's nuclear nemesis. We're assuming that ENVY stills resides on Shumlin's "corporate demons" list.

The $130,000 in donations makes Entergy one of the more generous corporate donors to private and public relief efforts, along with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (which donated $250,000) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont ($150,000). At the top of the list is Vermont Public Radio, which raised more than $625,000 in a single-day fund-raising drive.

ENVY spokesman Larry Smith said the company donated $50,000 to the Windham County United Way disaster relief fund. The company provided another $50,000 in funds to match dollars raised by the United Way.

"That match occurred on September 23," Smith said. "So that's a total of $100,000 from Entergy."

The company also donated $15,000 to the town of Brattleboro for disaster relief. The money was used to pay for the removal of mobile homes destroyed in the Glenn Trailer Park. The company has also spent $15,000 to repair the damage caused by the flooding to the Boys and Girls Club on Flat Street in downtown Brattleboro, said Smith.

Earlier this year, Entergy donated $15,000 to the Red Cross disaster relief fund in Western Massachusetts after a tornado struck the region, and the company gave $6000 to the United Way of Windham County for disaster relief following the Brooks House Fire in April, said Smith.

Smith didn't have any comment about being overlooked by the governor.

So, how did the governor's office overlook such a sizeable donation? The gifts were written up in Shumlin's local daily, the Brattleboro Reformer. Must be he let his subscription lapse.

Susan Allen, the gov's spokeswoman, took responsibility for overlooking Entergy's largesse.

"I put the list together and was unaware of the Entergy donation," said Allen, who noted that she hopes she didn't overlook other big contributions. "Truthfully, we're grateful to everyone and every business that has contributed to the recovery."

Here's the recognized list of Shumlin's "corporate angels:"

  • Vermont Public Radio: $627,000 from a one-day fundraiser
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: $250,000
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont: $150,000
  • National Life: $120,000
  • Subaru of New England: $100,000
  • Northfield Savings Bank: $100,000
  • IGG Software Inc.: $30,000
  • Coca-Cola: $25,000

Shumlin's "corporate demons" list.
Helping is NOT about who he likes or dislikes.
Maybe this is a perefct reason why I did not vote for "HIM"

Not class at all gov.

It could be an honest mistake. I made a one today that I wish I could have caught earlier. I guess we will never know.

Pamela - Did you read the story? The governor didn't even come close to calling them "Demons" that was the writer making a joke.

And before all you right wingers jump the gun to accuse him, how about you take a step back and ask yourself if Entergy picked up the phone to inform the governor that they made these contributions in the first place? Doubtful!

Quite frankly I'm glad Governor Shumlin is paying closer attention to the task at hand opposed to who gave what. Perhaps that's the very reason the recovery effort has been so well handled.

"Huh's" apologetic comments for Gov. Used-Car-Salesman just don't wash. She suggests it was VY's job to actually call the governor and inform him of their donation. First, do we know that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,
Blue Cross Blue Shield, National Life, Subaru of New England, Northfield Savings Bank, IGG Software Inc., and Coca-Cola all called the governor in order to be recognized by the governor's office? (Hint: I don't think they did.) Second, why would or should VY, whom Shumlin has consistently protrayed as Satan for the last year and a half or so -- why on earth would they call the Governor? That's frankly a dumb suggestion.

It's not hard to believe that Shumlin -- widely recognized as being a class act, for sure! -- would intentionally snub VY.

And, nothing against VPR, but these is a significant difference between all the other donations and VPR's: all of that $625,000 was other people's money, right from the get-go.

"At the top of the list is Vermont Public Radio, which raised more than $625,000 in a single-day fund-raising drive."

According to what appears to be the source of Shay's "list of Shumlin's "Corporate Angels"", the Governor held his press conference on Wednesday, September 21 which is slightly more specific than the words "recently" or "last week" that Shay's used in this piece.

The timeline of these events is important because, as Shay's piece goes on to tell us:

"The company provided another $50,000 in funds to match dollars raised by the United Way. That match occurred on September 23," Smith said.

So, the Governor holds a press conference two days BEFORE the matching donation of Vermont Yankee but should somehow have anticipated that two days later the benevolent nuclear power generation plant had visions of becoming a "Corporate Angel", too.

Great reporting. Thanks, Shay. Keep raking that muck Seven Days!!!

So, even accepting Mr. Farrell's timeline as accurate, VY's first donation of $50,000 still goes unrecognized, even though it's significantly more than the amount given by 2 of the 8 "corporate angels" who were recognized on 9/23.

And, secondly, by 9/23, VY had given a total of $100,000. That's seven days ago. And not a peep of recognition by the Governor since then?

Who's kidding whom, Mr. Farrell? Shay's exactly right: it's called a snub.

Classy guy, that Pete. As always.

Why has Ben & Jerry's been so conspiculously niggardly? When the two hipsters sold out to Unilever they sure went all out.

Maybe because they're politically correct frauds?

A twenty second Google search will show you the many things (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) that Ben and Jerry's - and Unilever - have done to give to Vermonters in response to Irene.

If Ben & Jerry's/Unilever have spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars" on Irene-related stuff, why did Peter-the-Speeder also fail to acknowledge them? Seems he's got some splainin' to do.

And what about our personal ice cream multimillionaires, the great and wonderful Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield themselves?

I see your true colors shining through...

It is laughable how some people defend this dolt. This is no surprise to anyone who actually followed Shumlin and his doings in state politics.

While I don't think the Gov needs to thank donors individually, it could have been a very nice gesture. Instead there is no doubt that Shumlin intentionally snubbed Entergy. They could have given a million dollars 2 weeks before his public acknowledgement and Shummy wouldn't have mentioned. The guy is a low life, it's a shame that out of the 5 candidates the libs chose the worst of them. OK, well maybe Bartlett was worse, but any of the other 3....

To "HUH" Yes I did read the whole story, did you?
It all comes down to the same thing. The Gov did not thank them but thanked so many others. He did not mention then because of the whole closing the plant thing.

My point was and is. You thank everyone that gives large amounts of money. You do not let personal views enter.
This is all about helping the people that this storn affected, to help them get back on their feet.

This should not be about who the Gov likes or dislikes.
Not everything is about Shumlin.

"Not everything is about Shumlin."

Ah, you see, that's your first mistake. Everything IS about Shumlin.

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