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September 27, 2011

Sluts on Parade in Burlington (UPDATE with photos)

If you missed the inaugural SlutWalk Burlington last Saturday (we did because we don't like to get wet), here's what it looked like, courtesy of Fed Up Vermont, the organization that coordinated the march. No word on how many folks braved the rain to come out and rally for women's sexual rights (including the right to not be blamed for your own rape), but it looks like they had a good turnout despite the weather. Kudos, sluts! Keep on SlutWalking!

Well if the sight of some of those people in their skibbies doesn't end your desire to rape someone then nothing will.

Good god that comment was abominable on so many levels.

And I don't doubt you knew exactly what you were saying and are quite proud of yourself for it.


This event was as misguided and pointless as jcarter's comment. The only difference is he has a sense of humor.

That's not humor, and if you find that kind of "joke" (if that's what it is) funny, youre probably the type to end up on the receiving end of a restraining order at some point, if you haven't been already.

That's a seriously twisted and creepy bit of misogyny masquerading as a "joke," all to see who else will validate the creepiness by joining in and laughing.

St Mike's journalism students did good work in covering SlutWalk. Check it out:!.html

Oh for pete's sake Odum, get off your high horse and grow a thicker skin. Then go buy yourself a sense of humor.

Half the problems in this country are due to uptight whiners.

Remember folks, Jcarter said in another thread that racism only still exists because minorities complain about it. It's hardly surprising to see him say similarly ignorant things about rape and misogyny. Here's hoping he was just making an awful joke attempt, and that he doesn't actually believe men rape women out of uncontrollable horniness.

I have to agree with jcarter. Vermont is filled with out of staters who come here with their serious attitude and zero sense of humor. What happened to Vermont? We are now the nations cesspool for stuck-up, no sense of humor, serious New Jersey transplants. Everyone wants to B*tch and complain about everything. Go to yelp that is your home.

Maybe you're right, TJ. Come to think of it, rape is pretty damn funny. Why was I so uptight? And like JCarter suggests up there, what man WOULDN'T want to rape a hot chick... but some of THOSE women, geez. Right off MY rape list, that's for sure!

Yeah, heck with those out-of-staters who can't appreciate good old fashioned Vermont humor. What Vermont native doesn't appreciate a good rape joke?

Odum, you just nailed it. Yeah, way to represent "native Vermonters..." not. Native Vermonters aren't sheep; please don't speak for me. The vast majority of guys should be grateful for sluts - they'd die virgins otherwise. Maybe that's jcarter's & tj's real problem.

right and wrong. Men should not rape women. It's wrong and against the law. So is...drinking and driving, murder, we have parades for murder, dui, we don't. They are only dressed like sluts because of one Toronto policeman. who gives a rats azz? Have a parade. Have another. Parades are fun!


Anyways, if Odum wants to go through life getting all bent out of shape at everything so be it.

Have fun with that, although it does make it pretty much impossible to enjoy anything with a huge stick up your ass.

But maybe you get used to it, likely a consequence of spending your entire day building straw men.

Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!... oh, sorry JCarter - was that another one of your "jokes?" Hard to tell - maybe you should use some kind of code to help us out, so we know what's funny and what isn't.

ODUM, give it up with JCARTER and others, they clearly can't see the forest from the trees. JCARTER is the exact definition of an internet/blog troll. I see his ignorant comments in almost every Seven Days article, and not just one comment but multiple... Go back to your cave JCARTER!

Furthermore, these gatherings (SlutWalks) are not just a Burlington, VT phenomenon due to what one Toronto officer said. These issues are global and these gatherings are happening throughout North American, coast-to-coast, because of the issue of blaming the victim. Men and the police need to take their heads out of their a$$ and try to understand the issue. Here are some instances of police blaming the victim:

I'm not going to attempt to educate the ignorant, but for those who want to know the rationale behind these protests and are hopeful for a society founded in equality I encourage you to educate yourself and others to end the violence against women.


Oh ouch Mike, that was kind of harsh.

Ok, Sluts are Awesome !!! I love sluts.

We good?

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