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November 12, 2011

Live Coverage: Burlington Democratic Mayoral Caucus (Update: No Winner After Round 3)

FINAL UPDATE, 9:35 P.M. -- RECOUNT RESULTS: The recount didn't clear anything up, it only made things tighter. In the end, Tim Ashe and Miro Weinberger ended up in a dead heat, with 540 votes each. Five ballots were considered "spoiled." The caucus will reconvene some time within the next month. Meanwhile, the Democrats go to sleep tonight still without a nominee. Much more on the caucus still to come.

UPDATE, 6:55 P.M. -- RECOUNT: Party Chair Steve Howard just announced that there will be a recount of Round 3 ballots. If there is still no majority winner after the recount, the caucus will be suspended and another vote will be taken within a month. There will NOT be another vote tonight. Things are getting very messy.

UPDATE, 6:08 P.M. -- ROUND 3 RESULTS: Tim Ashe 541, Miro Weinberger 540. Needed for a majority: 542. That's right, Ashe was 1 vote short of winning, and Miro was 1 vote behind him. Another round of voting. People who left the caucus: COME BACK!

UPDATE, 5:27 P.M. -- ROUND 2 RESULTS: Tim Ashe 471, Miro Weinberger 390, Bram Kranichfeld 356. Bram Kranichfeld is eliminated. Nearly 100 fewer votes than in Round 1 -- where did all of Jason Lorber's supporters go?

UPDATE, 4:30 P.M. -- ROUND 1 RESULTS: Tim Ashe 458, Miro Weinberger 391, Bram Kranichfeld 354, Jason Lorber 106. The last-place candidate is not eliminated after Round 1, but Lorber has decided to drop out. Round 2 voting with the three remaining candidates has begun.

We're at the Memorial Auditorium for today's caucus to decide who will the Democrats' nominee in the 2012 Burlington mayor's race. Jason Lorber, Miro Weinberger, Bram Kranichfeld and Tim Ashe are in the running. Up above, we've got a live stream from our friends at Channel 17. Below, Seven Days' Andy Bromage and Tyler Machado will provide updates via Twitter.

For a refresher course on the four Democratic candidates, and a primer on how the caucus will work, click here to read Andy Bromage's story in this week's Seven Days.

After the jump, chime in in the Facebook chat box or on Twitter using hashtag #BTVmayor.

It's bullshit. Rules were changed before the game was over. At the NEXT caucus, will only those who were present today be allowed to vote? If not, all four candidates should be back in the running.

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