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January 20, 2012

Photo Gallery Wants Performers to 'Show Off Their Human Forms'

Darkroom Gallery wants your body. 4corrnersPC

Well, not just any body. They're looking for one or two "tastefully and scantily clad" performers, dancers or models to enhance the opening reception of their new exhibit, "The Human Form," on Sunday, January 29, from 3-5 p.m.

These underdressed specimens won't exactly be performing — "I don't want the focus taken off the photographs," says gallery manager Susan Robinson — but they will "show off their human forms." In other words: They'll be just a couple more works of art.

"We're this little gallery in Essex Junction," says Robinson. "We're trying to bring more people in." If there's one surefire way to get folks through the door, it's the promise of a little flesh.

Not to mention, of course, the photographs themselves: Torsos rising nipple first out of sunlit water; a woman's trunk caked in ribbons of cracking mud; creases and folds shown in such detail, it's impossible to know where on the body's vast landscape they belong. These are seriously gorgeous — and sexy — images. Anca cernoschi  vase

Each month, Darkroom picks a theme — the current show is "The Built Environment" — and exhibits juried work by photographers from all over the world, including Vermont. California photographer Elizabeth Opalenik juried the upcoming "Human Form" show.

Robinson says that, unfortunately, Darkroom won't be able to pay the performers, but she'll make the two hours worth their while, perhaps by giving them photographs of their "show." Besides, it's an art reception: There will be snacks! And for those who fear shedding too many layers in January, Robinson has reassuring words: "It's really warm in here."

She wants to make one thing clear, though: "This is a fine-art event and we’re really just looking for somebody who is an artist, or a dancer. It’s not like a strip joint... We don't have any poles here."

If you're a model or performer willing to show a little skin — for art's sake! — email Robinson at [email protected].

"Strength" by Magnus Snorrason (top); "Vase" by Anca Cernoschi (below)

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