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February 01, 2012

Burlington Dems Pick Finalists for Rep. Rachel Weston's Former Seat

DSC01826Burlington Democrats nominated three finalists last night to fill the state House seat vacated by Rachel Weston, and will send the names on to Gov. Peter Shumlin, who makes the final selection.

At Democratic headquarters on Battery Street in Burlington, 19 members of the District Representative Committee picked from among four hopefuls.

The top vote getter? Jill Krowinski (pictured talking to Bob Bolyard), a former executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party who ran Gaye Symington's 2006 gubernatorial campaign and now works for Planned Parenthood. She won 14 votes, and is the odds-on favorite for the seat.

Autumn Barnett, a Spectrum Youth and Family Services staffer who is earning a master's in public administration from the University of Vermont, came in second with 12 votes.

There was a runoff vote for the third slot, between former Rutland-area lawmaker and Burlington newcomer Curt McCormack and Healthy Living general manager Eli Lesser-Goldsmith; McCormack won it with nine votes to Lesser-Goldsmith's eight.

Shumlin will interview the three candidates and appoint one to fill the vacancy. There is no deadline for making the pick.

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