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February 16, 2012

Seven Days Burlington Mayoral Debate ... and Drinking Game

Missed out on the deluge of Burlington mayoral debates over the past few weeks? Never fear! We’re throwing our own this afternoon — and it’s going to be a good one.

Here are the detes: Today, Thursday, at 5 p.m. at City Hall Auditorium.

Mayor graphicWe’ll have an all-star cast of characters grilling the aspiring mayors. Those include moderator Jess Wilson of Channel 17, which is cosponsoring the debate, as well as panelists Kristin Carlson of WCAX, Kirk Carapezza of Vermont Public Radio and our very own political columnist Andy Bromage.

We’ll also be live-streaming the debate on our website and taking questions via our Facebook page and Twitter (#btvmayor). You can read our coverage of the race thus far here.

If you're watching from home, or a bar, grab a flask or a beer and play our handy Burlington Mayoral Debate Drinking Game. Because, hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere! Like Burlington, for instance, when our debate starts…

Here are the rules. Take a swig every time:

  • Republican Kurt Wright mentions a Democrat or an independent supporting his candidacy.
  • Wright mentions why he’s a proud Republican. Don’t worry; it won’t happen.
  • Democrat Miro Weinberger listens to a question, pauses and begins his answer with the name of whoever just asked the question. (It’s probably something his debate coach taught him.)
  • Independent Wanda Hines mentions that she grew up in the Old North End and attended Burlington public schools.
  • One of candidates says something not-very-nice about Mayor Bob Kiss.
  • Weinberger weaves his slogan, A Fresh Start, into an answer. For instance, “Andy, I think Bob Kiss hasn’t imported enough purple ponies to Burlington. That’s why, if you will, Burlington needs a fresh start.” Drink thrice.
  • Hines tells the boys to stop bickering. And they keep bickering.
  • Weinberger tries to link Wright to Kiss, or calls him “the self-proclaimed de facto mayor.”
  • Wright apologizes for calling the cops at a Burlington City Council meeting.
  • Wright mentions the cops endorsed him.
  • Weinberger mentions that he has a very specific plan to deal with the subject at hand. And you can find it on his website. For instance, “Kristin, I think it’s unfortunate that Bob Kiss and de facto mayor Kurt Wright failed to import enough purple ponies to Burlington. That’s why I have a plan on my website to bring a fresh start, if you will, to purple ponies in Burlington.” Drink six times.
  • Wright calls the cops.

Have any more suggestions? Comment below or tweet ‘em.

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