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February 29, 2012

Soundbites Part Deux: Live Electronic Acts, Mardi Gras Kickoff and Hello Shark

For a variety of reasons, there were a few items we couldn't get to in this week's Soundbites. So in the interest of filling you in on all the music news that's fit to print — but didn't quite fit in the print edition — we're serving up a special Leap Day addendum to the column.


Thursday, March 1, is a big night for the local EDM scene, as two events look to capture the hearts, minds and shakin' asses of B-town bass heads.

Up first, we have a throwdown called Hoptronica M3 Edition, curated by Nexus Artist Management. The two-venue, three-room dance party will occupy Burlington's 1/2 Lounge, Red Square and the Red Square Blue Room and feature some 15 local, national and international (well, Canadian) DJs spinning a variety of genres, from hip-hop (Queen City DJs A-Dog and Dakota) to house (Nexus' Justin REM and Chris Pattison) and techno (Montréal's DJ Mini) to dubstep and moombahton (Montréal's Elo!I & Heights). There will also be a video DJ on hand, Boston's Jay Nightride.

Meanwhile, at Club Metronome, your bass-lovin' pals from Mushpost are hosting a Mardi Gras kickoff  highlighted by a pair of up-and-coming live electronic acts, Shigeto and Mux Mool. Both artists have recently scored national love from the likes of Pitchfork and Stereogum — the former for a snazzy, jazzy new LP called Lineage, the latter for a "mini" LP of beat collages and synth experiments, Planet High School. Also of note, local indie electro act Errands open the show.

Mux Mool Promo from Dan Huiting on Vimeo.



Hello SharkLooking for hipster-y fun away from the throngs of revelers crowding local bars on Amateur Night, er, Mardi Gras this Saturday? I'd recommend local indie outfit Hello Shark at the Monkey House, with Burst and Bloom Records label mates Tiger Saw and Guy Capecelatro III, plus local indie folk favorites Paper Castles.

I confess I have a bit of crush on Hello Shark since finally seeing them live at Nectar's a couple of months ago. Then again, I am a sucker for mellow, Pavement-y indie rock with a healthy dose of overly self-conscious, self-depricating humor. And I'm increasingly intrigued by Portsmouth, NH's Burst and Bloom, also home to B-town expat Audrey Ryan and a songwriter named Mara (not Myra) Flynn.

(An aside: one of these days I'm going to do a story or post about non-local musicians and bands with similar names to local artists such as Flynn, the "other" Ryan Power and the "other" Spirit Animal. If you know of any others, hit me up.) 

Anyway, here's a recent track from Capecelatro III and Craig Werth called "Ten Miles Out."


Last not but not least, this week's issue features an interview with up-and-coming soul singer Allen Stone. It's a fun Q&A, and Stone has a lot to say about his background, the importance of making a statement with music and the current state of pop and R&B, among other things. Thoughtful and well spoken as he is, something tells me this video might tell his story just as well. Enjoy.


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