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March 30, 2012

Grazing: Those Lovely Lovely Oh's

Lovely_ohsThese last few weeks have been crazy at our food desk. We're nearing the end of production on 7Nights, our annual dining guide, which lists hundreds of restaurants around the state. To add to the madness, we're also in the thick of planning Vermont Restaurant Week, an annual culinary shindig which kicks off in late April with 80+ restaurants, not to mention a week's worth of events, each one of which needs TLC.

It's inspiring to think of all the pork belly and tachin I'll be lapping up in a few weeks. But for now, what I need in my late afternoon life is chocolate. And not just the everpresent Doves Promises in my top drawer. I need something bigger, bolder and denser with alkaloids.

While waiting on a sandwich recently, my glazed eyes fell upon boxes of Lovely Oh's, made by Waitsfield's Liz Lovely. They resembled chunky chocolate UFOs. I snapped some up, and they didn't disappoint: Once you bite through the armor of dark chocolate, your teeth meet a crunchy chocolate biscuit and the slightest hint of earthy peanut butter. Lovely Oh's are kind of like a wholesome combination of Promises, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats and Famous Chocolate Wafers. Best of all, they're dark, through and through (no matter how desperate for chocolate I become, I can't stomach milk or white).

And they're vegan! WTF? Amazing.

I've never met you, Liz Lovely, but your Peanut Butter Lovely Oh's are a thing of beauty. They have seen me through many a dark, ink-stained hour. 


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