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May 24, 2012

Meet the New Seven Days Marathon Relay Team — and Prepare to Lose!

Ken PicardRemember last year's Seven Days Vermont City Marathon relay team?


Maybe that's because while you were pathetically limping up Battery Street at mile 15, we were already finished — kicking back in the Waterfront Park beer tent. Maybe this post-race photo of Seven Days staff writer Ken Picard from last year will jog your memory.

The 2012 Seven Days squad is even more elite than last year's super-elite team of runners — and prepared to kick your relay team's behind at this Sunday's Key Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay. On the roster, we've got a childhood ballet dancer, a hungry jogger, a multi-tasking mom of two, a beer-swilling alternate and a former JV soccer halfback.

We actually weren't going to run the Vermont City Marathon this year. But after we were recruited to join the U.S. Olympic Team in London this summer, we figured it would be a good warm up.

Now, let's meet the Seven Days runners.

Brooke1st Leg — Downtown (Distance: 3.1 miles)

Designer Brooke Bousquet

Brooke says, "After having two babies in three years, I entered this marathon to reclaim what's left of my body, mind and spirit. I've been cross-training with my kids to prepare and at this point I can out-run an irrational 3 year old in the parking lot while balancing a 20-pound infant on my hip with a week's worth of groceries dangling from my arms. I have enough in sheer will to make up for the lack of training I've had time for. In the end, I just want them to be proud of their mama, and that's enough to get me across the line."



Mj fugitive finder2nd Leg — The Beltline (Distance: 5.8 miles)

Associate Arts Editor Megan James

Megan says, "All through elementary and middle school I used to "forget" my sneakers and athletic clothes on gym-class days so Mr. Leto would make me sit out. It's not that I didn't like physical activity — I did ballet several times a week. It's just that games involving balls, bats, rackets or sticks simultaneously terrified and bored me. (Hand-eye coordination remains a mystery to me.) I especially hated running the mile, which I stubbornly walked every single time, cursing Leto with every step. But something changed in high school when a sports requirement compelled me to join the crew team. I got fierce and helped my sophomore-year shell, Orpheus, snag a silver medal at nationals. But the glory soon faded, and I've been trying to recapture it ever since, which is perhaps why I volunteered — at what felt like the last minute — to join the Seven Days relay team. Go team!


Andy and Obama3rd Leg — The South End (Distance: 6.4 miles)

Political Columnist Andy Bromage

Andy says, "Ever since joining the White House press corps last March, (that's me and Barry Obama in the picture), I haven't had much time train for this marathon. Jet-setting from Afghanistan to Camp David to Chicago with the prez leaves little time for the light jogs that earned me the nickname "Mr. Marathon" after last year's race. That's why I'll have to draw on my high school athletic experience to power me through — namely, my three months on the JV soccer team, my two semesters of intramural basketball, and, last but certainly not least, my single season of orienteering (if you get lost on the marathon course, come find me; I'll be the guy with the compass and topo map!).




Corey4th Leg — New North End (Distance: 5.4 miles)

Marketing & Events Manager Corey Grenier

Corey says, "I started my running career in middle school as a member of the cross country team and have been running ever since. The main reason I run/exercise in general is because I love to eat. I love to eat so much that when I do, I usually eat to the point of explosion. My mentality has always been, 'Wow I ate a lot today, I should probably go for a run.' Not, 'Running is healthy I should do it more often.' So I run to counteract my unhealthy eating habits. And, FYI I plan on eating a HUGE meal the night before the race, so I'll be running extra fast....  The picture is of me eating the best meal of my life. I literally cried when I ate it."


Cheryl5th Leg — The Bike Path (Distance: 5.5 miles)

Office Manager Cheryl Brownell

Cheryl says, "Wait ... what? I actually have to run? The attached picture pretty much captures my response to this news. So yeah... when I signed up to be an alternate, my understanding of the arrangement was that there would be no actual running involved on my part. Doesn't being an alternate mean that you get all the props for altruism without having to exert any effort? Had I known I would have to run, I'd have done something — for example, run — at some point in the past few months. I guess I should go brainstorm a training plan — right after I finish this beer."

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