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August 22, 2012

The Most Ridiculous Photos of the 2012 Campaign — So Far

We interrupt our serious coverage of Vermont's 2012 election campaigns to bring you this totally frivolous bit of infotainment.

Every two years, Vermont politicians go through the rite of passage known as pandering for running for re-election. How do candidates win the hearts and minds of voters? Not with wonky policy plans and details about their "records," but with photos that show they are regular Joes — just like you!

To that end, Vermont candidates have peppered their Facebook pages with photographs depicting the lighter moments of the campaign. You know, milking goats, doing yoga, shaking hands with a guy in a cow costume. We pulled together the most amusing snapshots we could find and posted them here for your enjoyment. Many more are sure to come as the fall campaign kicks into gear post-Labor Day.

Our elected officials may at times leave us cynical, especially around campaign season, when things can get pretty petty. But at least they have a sense of humor.

Without further ado, we present the most ridiculous photos of the 2012 campaign, so far...

Attorney General Bill Sorrell submerged in a babbling brook

Sorrell in a Waterfall

Many more after the jump...

Sorrell in a sweaty gym shirt

Sorrell in Sweaty Old Navy shirt

Democratic Attorney General candidate T.J. Donovan doing yoga

TJ doing Yoga

Sorrell in a form-fitting wetsuit

Sorrell in Wetsuit

Donovan wearing a shower cap

TJ in Shower Cap

Donovan hangin' in a pontoon boat

TJ on Pontoon boat

Democratic/Progressive candidate for state auditor Doug Hoffer (on left), when he worked at the famed Alice's Restaurant in the '70s

Doug Hoffer at Alices RestoA

Apparently, a picture with a furry mascot is something of a must-have for Vermont political candidates this year. Of course, everyone remembers ...

Republican candidate for governor Randy Brock with a guy in a bear suit

BRock and Bear suit

Republican candidate for state auditor Vince Illuzzi with a giant moose

Vince with a Moose

Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott with the Vermont Lake Monsters mascot

Phil Scott and Champ Lakemonster

Sorrell shaking hands with a giant furry cow

Sorrell and a guy in Cow Costume

Republican candidate for state treasurer Wendy Wilton milking a goat

  Wendy Wilton Milking Cow

Scott in a go-kart with a fiberglass bear on the back 

Phil Scott in gokart

Sorrell rowing a giant pumpkin

Sorrell in Giant Pumpkin

 Donovan getting his face powdered before a Vermont Public Television debate

TJ Getting Made UP

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