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January 25, 2012

Williston Screening of 'Pina' to Benefit Work of Local Choreographer

Wim Wenders' Oscar-nominated documentary, Pina, is coming to Vermont in March. If I were you, I'd buy my tickets now. Seriously. Do it.

First off, proceeds from the March 1 screening at Williston's Majestic 10 benefit the Flynn Center and, more specifically, Vermont choreographer Hannah Dennison's large-scale tribute to Pina Bausch, Dear Pina, which premieres in the cathedral-like breeding barn at Shelburne Farms in June.

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Joy Madden Dances Her Way Through Motherhood at Burlington Dances

Joy PosterWhen I first heard the title of Joy Madden's new dance-theater piece, The Giant in the Washing Machine, I thought, I know that guy! He's responsible for the terrifying thump-and-rattle that thunders from my laundry room when the washer starts to walk itself across the room.  

Madden's giant, of course, is a metaphor for those rare moments when the mundane world of adulthood (e.g., doing laundry) collides with the enchanted world of childhood (laundry monsters!).

The 40-year-old choreographer has two kids, ages 4 and 7. "I’ve been really fascinated by the idea of being a mother and witnessing the experience of being a child," she says.

And, as any dancer might do, she's funneled that fascination into her creative work. Motherhood, childhood and the ways in which they overlap are the focus of the evening-length piece Madden will perform this weekend at Burlington Dances.

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September 02, 2011

Dance Review: No Boundaries in 'Critical State'

Lauren Stagnitti photo_3 Even if you're spending your weekend volunteering on the Irene clean-up, you'll need to take a break at some point. Head up to Morrisville for an unusual interactive evening with some of the area's most exciting performers.   

Polly Motley, a dancer and choreographer based in Stowe, premiered a work-in-progress of her "Critical State" a year ago. This time, the multimedia performance — including a constantly shifting landscape of sound, video, dance and performance art — feels richer and more sure of itself.

The venue, River Arts, is an intimate two-story building that feels more like someone's home than an art center. But Motley and her collaborators — five dancers, one composer, four video artists, one lighting designer — essentially transform it into a mixed-media fun house. The performance runs for three hours, but the action ebbs and flows, swelling in one room until a sound — or live video footage — from another draws the focus elsewhere.

It's best to take it in small spurts, says Motley. She suggests watching for a while, then heading into the elevator shaft, which is outfitted as a private dance station, complete with a disco ball and two fully loaded iPods with headphones. 

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January 20, 2011

Nude Brazilians at the Flynn!

Bale_Folklorico1 I'm a ticket holder for the Balé Folclorico da Bahia show this Friday at the Flynn MainStage. So I was one of the people who received an email notice this afternoon, as follows:

'We have just been informed by the company that two pieces in the program will contain male and female nudity as dancers portray certain gods. We wanted to let you know in case it affects your decision to attend. We will honor refund requests due to this development.'

Does anyone else besides me find this hilarious? I'll tell you how I'm 'affected': I'm making a note to self to bring along my opera glasses!

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