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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The New Vermont Squad

Berniepat_nov They move well together. Smoothly. Like an old couple. Two tall guys with white hair (where it grows) who were born way back during the bloodbath we call World War II.  One in Brooklyn, New York, one in Montpelier, Vermont. The Queen City on the Lake - Burlington, Vermont - brought them together and launched their political careers - one as state's attorney, one as mayor. And trust me - they're on the same page when determining good guys and bad guys.

Wednesday afternoon they stood shoulder-to-shoulder at Ol' Bernardo's Campaign HQ in Burlington. At the moment, they said, nobody can predict what'll happen next Tuesday, but, "The Democrats have a chance to win the Senate," said soon-to-be U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders.

That would make Patrick Leahy, the Montpeculiar kid, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Please, God!

St. Patrick would also be #2 on Senate Agriculture and #3 on Senate Appropriations. The former Vermont county prosecutor (from the Richard Nixon, Vietnam War/Watergate era) has been working down there near Foggy Bottom one hell of a long time. Seniority, seniority, seniority.  Brighter days are coming. Said Leahy:

"I can’t think of anything that’s going to make me happier on January 3rd than to walk down that center aisle of the United States Senate and watch Bernie Sanders take that very moving oath of office as a United States Senator."

Sen. Sanders' committee assignments are yet to be determined.  Banking?  Foreign Relations? Environment? Veterans Affairs? Think anyone's worried?

Should be fun. Already the Brits are taking notice. "Vermont Poised to Elect America's First Socialist Senator" writes The Guardian in today's edition:

Amid the furious debate over Iraq and the speculation that George Bush may be a lame duck after next Tuesday's mid-term elections, an extraordinary political milestone is approaching: a cantankerous 65-year-old called Bernie looks set to become the first socialist senator in US history.

Bernie Sanders is so far ahead in the contest for Vermont's vacant seat for the US Senate that it seems only sudden illness or accident could derail his rendezvous with destiny, after eight terms as the state's only congressman. His success flies in the face of all the conventional wisdom about American politics.

The Guardian's Julian Borger took our advice and called John McClaughry. Hey, got to get both sides. Besides, Vermont's most vocal conservative sourpuss gives good bite.

We asked Bernie if his well-dressed and ineffective Republican opponent Richie Rich Tarrant had surprised him with anything he did in his grossly lavish and puzzling $7 million campaign. Replied Ol' Bernardo:

"To be honest with you, what Mr. Tarrant has done is run a pretty traditional, 2006 Karl Rovian-type campaign. He has spent a great deal of money running what many people consider to be the most negative campaign in Vermont history. In this case it has not worked and I think in many ways it has backfired. But to tell you the truth I think we kind of anticipated what would happen."

And in anticipation, Sanders had an extraordinary grassroots campaign effort. Vermont's all-time biggest.

"We knocked on close to 70,000 doors. We have 8000 individual contributors...and we have moblized close to 2000 volunteers. I think that’s something’s that’s unprecedented and we’re very proud of that effort. What excites me very much is the turnouts have been phenomenal. There’s a lot of excitement. People are ready for change. They want to end one-party government."

Yes they do. Very, very, very much.

P.S. On today's plate: Big noontime rally for the Democrat/Independent ticket at the Unitarian Church in Burlington today. Pat & Bernie & Welchie. Scudder and Matt Dunne, too.

Meanwhile, Republicans appear to be laying rather low. Gov. Jim Douglas will, however,  be saying a few words at the Annual Governor's Conference on Recreation at Lake Morey at 4 p.m.


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I think Howard is doing a great Job, however he has to watchout for the Dirty Tricks the RNC will be pulling in the last few days, before the Election.

How much money is the Fascist Pig RNC spending on Independent???? General Nusence Rainville? She seems to be on the TV every 15 seconds, which i would call Fascist Pig "Brain-washing, by the GOP!

Big-Mouth Bush condemming Kerry, when He goes around and calls anybody who doesn't agree with him the Axis of Evil.

How Bush Made Evil-doers into an Axis.

Bush that Big-mouth Bastard has a lot of room to talk, about Kerry, when with his Vial, thoughtless talk, in his first lane-brain state of the Union speech, Called Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, the Nazi Axis of Evil. That is why now we are in this stinken mess now, because that low down S.O.B. Didn't have his mouth in gear with his Fascist pig brain!

In the October 12 issue of the Financial Times, a newspaper that isn't run, by the Fascist Pig Republican Party, or the Bush Regime, like they are in America. Stated Mr. Bush obstinacy and belligerence did create the predicaments we now face in Iran and North Korea. Nearly five years later we can see the damage caused by Big Mouth Bush, and his Axis of Evil too cute slogan, and the muddled brainless thinking behind it.

Thanks to his foreign policy many of the World dictators now function as a kind of anti-American co-operative, in a way they did not, when he made that lain-brain speech. At least Kerry speech, didn't set the "World on Fire"!

RH factor

It will be facinating to see what shit Team Bush/Cheny/Foley will throw and it might be live on WGOP the real VT FOX channel.

Wowee can we hold them accountable?

Bob Bolyard

Heard Rudy G. doing a commerical for Tarragant this morning... any doubt he's running for president? Otherwise why would he care? How much has Richie Rich pledged for the Rudy '08 run? Maybe he'll be appointed Health Care Czar!


Rudy G. has tapped about as much money (re: speaking engagements) and political clout out of 3,000 dead people that he can. He withdrew from the NY Senate race against Hillary Clinton in 2000 and was on his way to the trash heap of history until a couple of planes fell in his lap. He's as much a liberal northeastern RINO as other failed northeastern presidential contenders. The christian conservatives and far-right wing will never support his candidacy. Imagine Rudy trying to explain his pro-choice beliefs at Bob Jones University. I hope this Tarrogant ad will somehow require "da mayor" to spend a lot of money on ad buys in the state of Vermont if he does run. Please run Rudy, help Vermont's economy like your pal Richy Rich has.


Imagine Rudy trying to explain his pro-choice beliefs at Bob Jones University.

Even better, his domestic drama. Like when Donna Hanover finally put her foot down and got a court injunction preventing his then-mistress, current wife, from setting foot in Gracie Mansion--which was the home to his two children as well (he "needed" her to nurse-maid him during his prostrate cancer treatment), Rudy then decided to relocate into the Upper East Side apt which he shared with two male friends, who were in one of those log cabin domestic duos.

No, I don't see Rudy's presidential ambitions taking him very far in the Republican party. But it is impossible not to wonder what sort of a cabinet level position he is angling for in an '08 (hopefully not) Republican admin.

And great shot of Bernie and Pat, Peter!

sandy ward

I think Dean has become a more polished speaker, but question why a medical doctor/governor of Vermont would resist making treatment available for those who suffer from drug addiction? It's still one party from my position...including the socialist Senator.


is that Martha Rainville in the background?


Douglas Dubie & Rainville had lunch in St J today. Non-political event that was non political. Coppenrath was also there.

They were also spotted waving their respective campaign signs on a street corner in Lyndonville early-ish this morning.
Not as big as the bernie et all crowd last week. Different corner.


JSF is on the mark—9/11 was the very best thing that ever happened to that pig rudy—ditto for bush and Bloomberg— of course rudy has no chance on the national level—besides let’s not forget he is on marriage number three –those of us who lived in nyc during his reign of divide and bully (like shrub) remember him well . . .

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