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Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter - At Last!

Church_stsnow Nice to see a little snow. Been a while, eh?

In fact, Vermont's newest U.S. senator held a morning presser on global warming at his Church Street office that coincided with the white stuff.

Not "news" really - everyone already knew - but U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will reintroduce former Sen. Jim Jeffords' global warming bill this week. It went nowhere last time with the Bush Republicans in charge.  Let's see what happens this time. Bernie was flanked by three environmental activists including  Bill McKibben, a guy who's everywhere lately.

"The power of Big Energy and the money of Big Energy is enormous," said Sanders. "There's no question about that. And we're going to have to work very hard to get legislation like this passed."

But change is in the air, said the brand new senator from Vermont.

"All that I can say is the good news is that from the grassroots to the halls of Congress, there is no question there has been a sea change in the understanding of the global warming problem," said Ol'Bernardo.  Awareness is rising rapidly, he said,  "that society must deal with it in an extraordinarily bold way if we are going to save the planet for our kids and out grandchildren."

Berniebill1 Sanders, an Independent aligned with the majority Democrats, holds seats on both the Energy and the Environment Committees.

Nice position.

"For years," said Sen. Sanders, "the Bush Administration has turned a deaf ear as the scientific community warned us of the problem of global warming and the disastrous impact it will have on our planet. Sadly, many of these predictions are now becoming a reality."

Stay tuned.


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sandy ward

Please, the Bush administration isn't totally responsible for deafness when it comes to global warming. Vermonters have hounded Bernie Sanders for years for a renewable energy source. It's called hemp.

Ivan Jacobs


- You mean that biomass fuel that is maybe 4x more efficient then ethanol(cornstalks)?

- or the easy to grow crop that yields more cellulose then the trees we burn at the McNeil plant in Burlington that can be harvested from the same place like 2x a year?

- or the extremly versatile natural textile that Henry Ford built a whole car out of? that the bill of rights was printed on?

- or the medicinal drug 78% of americans(AARP) believe doctors should be able to prescribe but is defined by the federal gov't as schedule 1 (dangerous, addictive, with no medicinal purpose)?

- or do you mean the relatively harmless recreational drug that is the priority in the "war on drugs" despite the fact that it's use is down while pharmaceutical (oxycontin)abuse is going up and are causing societal problems (break-ins locally)?

Nobody in the federal government, not even Bernie, would want to make a substance a like that legal; it threatens too many centralized industries: OIL/Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Logging, Cotton, etc. with the terrifying prospect of having individual farmers in control of the economy.

If the VT legislature ignores hemp this session then all this global warming talk is nothing but lip service.

Here's what ABC's Hugh Downs had to say when he found out about all this 16 years ago

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