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Monday, March 05, 2007

Mondays With Bernie

Sen "As I’ve said many times, I happen to believe that the president we have right now will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in the history of our country, certainly the worst president in my lifetime. And the problems he has caused in so many areas are just incalculable and are going to takes us years to recover from."

Remarks from Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday morning at his Church Street office. That's
Gary DeGasta, head of the VA Medical Center in White River Junction to Ol' Bernardo's left).

Twenty-five years ago when he was Burlington's mayor, he'd also most likely be holding a press conference, only difference - it'd be at the other end of Church Street at City Hall.

And in 25 years, can't say the Sanders message has changed.

But Bernie, then why are you guys not busy impeaching Mr. Bush? Americans went to the voting booth last November and put the Democrats in charge of Congress. Do not the lies of President George W. Bush regarding Iraq, its non-existent threat to us, its non-existent weapons, and non-existent ties to Al Qaeda stack up as "impeachable offenses" when compared to the lie of President Bill Clinton about "not having sexual relations" with Monica?

"Right now there are investigations going on for the first time in six years in the Armed Forces Committee and in the Judiciary Committee, trying to get a handle on what the White House knew, when they knew it. There are subpoenas now issued and there will be more of those," said Sanders.

"So I think before you talk about impeachment, you need a thorough investigation of what in fact has happened.

"And the second thought that I’ve had is the American people do not want to see the Congress tied up in knots. What they want to see is us addressing issues like veterans needs, health care for all of our people, global warming, [and] a fair tax system."

Sure they do, Bernie.

But without justice, especially justice for our No. 1 Citizen, there will be no peace. And without peace, no fair tax system, and no health care for all, either. Justice is the glue.



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Amen Peter. Reminds me of the chants in front of City Hall in the early 80s. "No Justice, No Peace!"

That said, kuddos to Henry Waxman who is opening hearings next week in the matter of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by White House officials. And Valerie herself is testifying!

There will likely be a lot of attempted greymailing, to prevent oversight. But there is one committee which can make an end run around that, and that is Rockefeller's committee (Select Committee on Intelligence). Can Bernie call on him (via Feingold?) to investigate?

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