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Monday, April 09, 2007

It's Official: Democrats Elect Republican

Dems_for_kurt_2 Here's a picture showing four of the Burlington City Council's five Democrats, plus one Independent, raising their hands to vote for Republican City Councilor Kurt Wright (Ward 4), over Progressive Tim Ashe (Ward 3), in Monday night's election of a new city council president.

From left to right with hands raised are: Democrats Ed Adrian (Ward 1), Joan Shannon (Ward 5), Bill Keogh (Ward 5), Independent Barbara Perry (Ward 6), and Democrat Andy Montroll (Ward 6).

Democrat Russ Ellis (Ward 4), seated second from the left, broke ranks with fellow Ds and voted for the Prog candidate.

Brownellwright Add to those five the three Republican city councilor votes (including his own), and you get eight votes and an 8-6 victory for Kurt Wright. You also get the first GOP city council president in Beautiful Burlap in 20 fricken' years!

There's President Wright (on the right) being congratulated by the only non-Sanderista to hold the mayor's office since Bernie Sanders' upset victory way back in 1981 - Peter Brownell. Ol' Pedro the sailboat skipper upset Prog Peter Clavelle in 1993.

In his second term, Mayor Clavelle, you may recall, had approved health insurance benefits for same-sex partners of city employees - a very "radical" idea at that time. After his '93 defeat, Mayor Moonie went to Grenada for awhile, but came back and won his old job back in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003.

Mayor_moonie_2 In fact, who do we bump into before the big city council meeting?

You got it - Ol' Mayor Moonie (at right caught on Main Street), who was fresh home from a little international development consulting work in Uganda, he told me.

He did not attend Kwik Stop Kurt's ascension to city council president.

More on this historic happening in the political history of the People's Republic in "Inside Track" on Wednesday.

Hey, if you live long enough, you'll see it all, eh?


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Stayed home today with my camera today sure that I'd see pigs flying by my window. Alas, I was disappointed.

Are Dems so bitter as to prefer a Republican over a Prog? They can sit around and cite how their vote was based on experience, longevity, etc., but the truth is crystal clear: Dems are so overcome with rage over losing races (courtesy of Progs) that revenge matters more than principles.

What a city. Well, I look forward to guidance from our new Council president on which "activist judge" to attack, which waterfront events should have priority, and how bad it is to live in Burlington. At least he's got our conservative media to help boost his message.

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