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Monday, April 09, 2007

"Last Tango in Montpeculiar"

Al_salzman That's what Al Salzman calls his recent "Different Drummer" cartoon and commentary. Al, a Franklin County artist, actor and educator who I've known for more than 20 years, sent me a copy - said he was inspired by some of yours truly's recent writing on the Vermont Statehouse goings-on.

"I've tried so hard not to step on his toes," thinks Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington to herself .

"I've had her dancing to my tune all the time," thinks Republican Gov. Jim Douglas.

Cute, eh?

In his sidebar comment, Mr. Salzman writes: "Speaker Symington doesn't ever want to step on Douglas' toes and Jimmy is loving it!

...Speaker Symington's less than aggressive opposition to the Governor's agenda makes one wonder if her Republican roots are beginning to sprout."

Speaking of Speaker Gaye's GOP roots, (Tuxedo Park, not unlike those of that Howard Dean fella on Park Avenue, eh?), the pro-impeachment folks are meeting with her on Wednesday at the Statehouse. Sources tell "Freyne Land" the Speaker is expecting Senate Boss Peter Shumlin to sit in.

Shummy publicly says he supports the resolution calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush and would pass it in the Senate in a second, if only Gaye agreed to have her heavily Democratic House adopt it, too.

Gaye insists the House is too busy.

Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, Madame Speaker.

And potential big doings in the Queen City of Burlington today.

Over the weekend Ch. 3 and the Freeps finally reported the story that was in "Inside Track" two weeks ago - that Republican City Councilor and GOP activist - State Rep. Kurt Wright - is, with Democrat support, in line to be elected the new president of the Burlington City Council tonight.

Progressive Councilor Tim Ashe, a 30ish up-and-comer, looks like he'll have to wait for another time, eh?   

Our initial report - that a Republican was the favorite in the hometown of not only U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, but Govs. Phil Hoff, Madeleine Kunin and Howard Dean, too, got a lot of feathers ruffled in Democrat Land. Many folks simply could not believe four out of five Democratic Party city councilors would support a guy for council prez who's been such a staunch supporter/defender of George "WMD" Bush and Dick Cheney. (Ruth Dwyer for Governor twice, too. Remember Ruth Dwyer?)

Should be an interesting show tonight. City Hall's Contois Auditorium at 7 o'clock. And, as always, admission is free-of-charge!

P.S. Prog Mayor Bob Kiss, the tall, silent type, is holding an 11 a.m. presser in front of City Hall to promote a campaign against car/truck engine idling. We'll see where he stands on the big council presidency race. Do check back.


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Well, you gotta figure. Symington and Douglas were probably always the odd kids. You know, the kids who the other kids looked at as brainy and geeky (Gaye doing oragami and Jim playing his flute), but probably didn't want too much to do with outside of cheating off their papers in school. They must have some kind of weird symbiotic relationship in that respect. Now they're both in positions of power, but they have a secret geek pact not to step on one another's toes.

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