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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Real Deal Was She!

Jim_liz_2 Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy
On The Passing Of Liz Daley Jeffords
April 13, 2007

“Marcelle and I join all Vermonters in offering our condolences to Jim and the Jeffords and Daley families on this sad occasion.  Liz Daley Jeffords was a dear friend to both of us.  She was an energy-giver who exemplified New England stamina and Green Mountain gumption.  She worked courageously to help other Vermonters struggling against cancer.  Working side by side with Jim, she has helped make Vermont a better place.

“We have known Jim and Liz for most of our lives -- Marcelle and Liz have known each other since high school in Burlington -- and we will always admire the love and support they have given each other.  They complemented each other, they counseled each other, and they deeply cared for each other.  We know how much they looked forward after Jim’s retirement to spending more time together at their Shrewsbury home, and we wish that time had been much, much longer.

“Marcelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Jim, to Leonard and Laura, and to Liz’s entire family.”

# # # # #

Senator Bernie Sanders issued the following statement regarding Liz  Jeffords:

BURLINGTON, Vt., April 13 - Senator Bernie Sanders mourned the passing today of Elizabeth "Liz" Daley Jeffords, the wife of Vermont's former independent senator.

"Liz Jeffords was a remarkable woman who served our state with great distinction for many, many years. She had an incredible amount of energy, a great sense of humor and a very strong sense of independence. She was able to light up a room when she entered it," Sanders said.

"Liz not only worked with Senator Jeffords on issues of importance to Vermont and America, but she was a leader in her own right," Sanders added. "Her courage and determination in struggling with cancer over the years has served as an inspiration to many Vermonters. Jane and I send our condolences to Senator Jeffords and their entire family."

# # #

On the passing of a dear friend

Washington, D.C. - Rep. Peter Welch conveyed the following thoughts from the Middle East on the passing of his friend Liz Jeffords:

"Liz Jeffords was a dear friend of mine and I am deeply saddened by her passing.  She was so full of life and it was a true joy to be in her presence.  Her devotion to Jim and their family was unwavering.  She was a tireless advocate for her community, her state and the many passions she pursued in her rich, full life. And the dignity with which she faced life's many challenges was remarkable.  I was blessed to have known Liz Jeffords and will miss her."

# # # #

Official Statement of the Governor Jim Douglas
on the Death of Liz Jeffords

Dorothy and I count Jim and Liz Jeffords among our most dear friends and we are deeply saddened to learn this morning of Liz’s passing.   I spoke with Jim this morning to offer our condolences and assure him that he, his family and former staff are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Liz was a tremendous source of inspiration for Jim and helped to shape the work that together they pursued.  She was always a strong, courageous voice for commonsense and independence in the Vermont tradition.

Liz also worked diligently to draw attention to issues important to her including conservation, historic preservation and cancer research and treatment.

I will always remember Liz for her passion, courage and intense love of Vermont and all that our state represents.

# # # #

Official Statement of Lt. Governor Brian Dubie
on the Death of Liz Jeffords

Today, we mourn the passing of Liz Jeffords, a woman whose quiet hand helped to weave the fabric of our state and our nation in both the 20th and 21st centuries.

Liz Jeffords will be remembered for her spirit, her warmth, her wit and her common sense. She was a true Vermonter.

We extend our most heartfelt sympathy to Senator Jim Jeffords and his family, who can take comfort in knowing that Liz will always be remembered with affection and admiration by the people of her state.

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