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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vermont Impeachment Has Legs!

Faces, too!

I was here all day at the ranch in Burlington, writing "Inside Track" for Wednesday's print [and online] edition of Seven Days. That meant I could not make it to Montpeculiar and catch the Statehouse goings on, one of which attracted so many people not even WGOP, er, sorry, WCAX-TV News could ignore it.

P_2 Our pals at Channel 3 reported at 6:12 P.M. that about 100 Bush-Cheney impeachment supporters had descended on the Statehouse today to lobby Democratic leaders Peter Shumlin, senate president pro tem, and Gaye "Policy Before Politics" Symington, the Speaker of the House. 

A real threatening and dangerous looking bunch, too, eh? Folks like Peggy Sapphire of Craftsbury and Eliza Earle of Richmond (below right).

Last week, Peter and Gaye quickly blew off three leaders of Vermont's grassroots pro-impeachment movement, saying the legislature they run simply "does not have the time."


This week they gave the more than 100 folks from every corner of the state about 40 minutes of their personal attention. Are they finally realizing this impeachment stuff is broad and deep?

Peter_blurr_gayeUnfortunately,  the sad fact is Shummy the Senator and future something has tried taking almost every possible side of the impeachment issue for months.

He's been passionately for it on several occasions.

He's blamed it's demise on Symington's refusal to take it up in he House.

He's denied blaming it on Symington.

He's blamed it on non-existent rules that require the House to pass it first.

He's blamed impeachment supporters for not bringing it up sooner. 

Heck, he's blamed everyone but the Easter Bunny and Monica Lewinsky!

And in this photo from tonight's Ch. 3 News, it actually looks like Sen. Shumlin's nose is growing, doesn't it? Growing right before our very eyes!

Holy Pinocchio, Batman!

Associated Press Senior Writer Ross Sneyd couldn't ignore today's grassroots turnout either. Mr. Sneyd reported an even larger crowd showed up under the golden dome to press Democrat "leaders" to quit ducking it. AND, he also reported things have changed - Speaker Symington has opened the House Impeachment door she's kept shut tight. Opened it just a tiny, little crack:

Eliza_earle_3 Montpelier, Vt. - Democratic legislative leaders faced an angry crowd Tuesday critical of their refusal to let resolutions calling for President Bush's impeachment come to a vote in the House and Senate.

Despite the sometimes heated and emotional pleas from a crowd estimated at 130, House Speaker Gaye Symington and Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin said they had no plans to force a vote on the resolutions.

But Symington did hint at a way out of what has become a growing distraction for the state's top two Democrats among the left wing of their party. She said any member of the House could propose that the resolution be pulled out of the Judiciary Committee and debated.

"There may be a move at some point for the resolution to be taken up on the House floor," Symington said in a joint noontime appearance with Shumlin before the crowd.



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sandy ward

Since the Progs claim to be the People's Party, I propose that Rep Zuckerman bring the motion to the floor and Rep Pearson second his move.


And don't forget Darryl Pillsbury (I-Brattleboro) who is the main co-sponsor with Dave Zuckerman. He defintely should be front and center, especially after the Democratic leadership did a MAJOR snub job on him.

Read this weekend's Brattleboro Reformer and you'll see why.


I was there, and that was a complete stonewall job. I hope Shumlin doesn't plan to run for gov. I'd vote for the next door neighbor's beagle first.

RH factor

Me thinks it's time to tell the Dem's to go to hell or be the opposition party. If the rank and file dem's are being snubbed then it's time to elect somebody with the balls to actually get this underway with no more excuses.

These so called leaders are not whiffing the public sentiment that they are supposedly representing. Symington wants here life back, she can watch CNN at home as we Vermonters vote to impeach. Lets get the show on the road enough crap already.

Call you rep - and tell them we be serious and to get this masquerade immediatley as more deaths occurring right now!


From the Times Argus this morning: "If the Democratic Party won't listen to us, maybe we should just leave the party," yelled one man during the meeting.

I was there, too. Always the same BS from the Dems Symington and Shumlin - that condescending phoniness, 'appreciate' your coming. But they refused to listen to the PEOPLE.


I love it!

I'm hearing this sentiment all over the place.

Keep it up. Tell it like it is and remember... this session's not over yet.

The next best thing it to call your reps and pressure them to pressure Shumlin & Symington to get the damn joint resolution going.

Sound like a great next plan!


Is that Karl Rove in the top image?

Kyle Arnold

Shumlin has a valid point, there are only a couple of weeks left in this session, the legislature is trying to deal with capping school spending and a bill promoting energy efficiency.

It will take at least a week to move this bill through, there are republicans in montpelier and they will be using every procedural step they can think of to slow this down.

Ultimatley, an impeachment bill passed in vermont will not lead to impeachment of the president. There isn't support for it in Washington so why waste our time?



The Dems can walk and chew gum at the same time you know, and they have time lots of it! If the House can put aside time to honor a HS basketball team while Shummy & Symington are meeting with impeachers, who's wasting time here? During the Nixon investigations, Congress passed the Endangered Species Act, established the EPA, and passed a minimum wage increase. If they can do it back then that so can our state and national Dems can do it too. Look at all the BA's, MA's, pHD's, and law degrees there are in the legislature. It's not like they don't have any thinking power so they are fully capable of doing it.

You say there's no chance of impeaching Bush because nobody will support it. Well, everybody on Capitol Hill said the same thing during the Nixoni years. "Fat Chance." "No way." Then the evidence came out and there was so much stuff that people on boths sides were convinced he had to go. Who's to say things won't change from here on out?

As for it whether or not it will take a week, I disagree. It took them just a day to bang out a resolution calling for the Troops to Come Home, it would be the same with impeachment. We don't HAVE to pass the joint resolution/bill that's being held up in the House Judiciary Committee. Why not just pass the same resolution that has been brought up in town meetings across the state? It's a very simple thing you know.

In addition, there is more evidence out there to call for investigations into impeachment than there was with Nixon. My God, if the former counsel to Richard Nixon John Dean can write a book called, "Worse Than Watergate," shouldn't people's bells & whistles be going off?? I mean the guy was in the center of it all. I think he knows full well when a President and Veep are abuse their power bestowed upon them.


Thank you, Brattlerouser.

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