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Friday, June 01, 2007

Symington Does Brattleboro

The phone lines were buzzing this morning with chat about Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington's political trip to Brattleboro to "listen," and apparently talk a little bit, too:


Symington gets an earful from locals
By NICOLE ORNE, Reformer Staff

Friday, June 1
BRATTLEBORO -- House Speaker Gaye Symington's "listening tour" to Brattleboro Thursday resembled a serious debate much more than a casual conversation.

Symington_2The room was crowded, with about 35 residents of the area in attendance. The questions tended to take the format of complaints or demands, forcing the Jericho Democrat to defend her legislation and Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, to come to her aid.

"I think your analysis is correct, but your conclusion is dead wrong," Shumlin told a resident at one point.

"This is a legislature that is willing to tackle complex issues," Symington said. "When you tackle issues that complex, especially when you have a governor who's not willing to tackle it in that same way, you're not going to walk away saying, 'Oh, that's done.' And yet we tackle them anyway."more.



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Ahh the blame game continues.... Simpleton, trying to pull the Guv into anything is the wrong approach and clearly shows why you lack the leadership for the job. The idea is to compromise, ask him what he thinks then write the bill such that everybody agrees. Not wait until you write the bill, have him veto it and then act surprised. It's too bad the article didn't include more specifics.


If the legislature and/or the Gov were really interested in greenhouse gases and global warming perhaps they would try to make some changes in VT like better public transportation options for outlying areas. Oh, does anyone remember the old Park and Ride at Tafts Corners that no longer exists??? It ain't Rocket Science!! This session has been a disgrace.

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