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Monday, July 16, 2007

Bernie Invites Bush to Vermont

Dubie_sanders Only one state in the United States of America Republican President George "WMD" Bush has not visited - the state of Vermont!

Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders [pictured at this morning's press conference with Maj. Gen. Michael Dubie of the Vermont National Guard], let it be known in response to a question from yours truly that several months ago, he personally invited President Bush to Vermont before his term runs out. Here's the transcript of that part of today's presser at Ol' Bernardo's Burlington office:

FREYNE LAND: Is there any outside hunch, gotta ask, if this deployment of the Vermont National Guard is in any way, that there’s a political side of it in terms of Vermont being the only state the President hasn’t visited, and, given the politics of our congresssional delegation in opposing the President...

Do I think it is a coincidence that this is the last state, the only state that the President has not visited?

No, I don’t think that it’s a coincidence. [Chuckling breaks out.]

I think he understands that he is not enormously popular in this state.

But, let me be very frank. He is the President of the 50 states, and I hope he has the decency and the courage to come to the state of Vermont. That’s his job as the President of the United States and furthermore, I hope he will do what he very rarely does, and that is, in a respectful meeting of sorts, answer the questions that people have. Here’s the President of the United States and he deserves to be treated with respect.

But one of the issues that has concerned me with regard to this president for many years, he keeps giving speeches into audiences which are not quite open to people who have different points of view. And I would hope that he would allow us to ask him questions. And I hope and expect that in this state they would be done respectfully.

FREYNE LAND: So have you invited him?

I did, actually, as a matter of fact, a number of months ago when I met him [at the White House], I did.

FREYNE LAND: You said, 'Come to Vermont?'

SANDERS: Sure. We’d love to talk to you.


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With Respect, I think that is more of a rethorical statement by Bernie more than anything. Nobody in their right mind thinks for a second that George Bush's minders of any or Neo-Con has the Brass or would lower themselves to the level where they would allow real probing questions from the unwashed Electorate. If this "President" (yes, the office itself deserves repect if not the current seat warmer) ever has the Termerity to show his face in Vermont it will be in some remote corner in front of a highly screened favorable audience (if he can find one)with as much "Stealth" as His staff can muster, as he's running out the clock, just so he can say he was in every state as "President". Does any Yankee Republican worth his/her salt want to get within ten miles of this guy? Not if they want a political future in the state of Vt they don't. What a shame that the party of Great Americains like Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and great Vermonters like G. Aiken, Bob Stafford and Jim Jeffords has been hijacked by the likes of Karl Rove and the far right. Its a damnedable shame.


I would pay money to watch Team Douglas start scrambling if Bush ever did decide to pollute our great state. "Um, er...the governor won't be in town that day," says Gibbs. "He has an emergency trade meeting in Fiji, and sends his regrets." "In this particular case, the Fijiians take precendent," says Douglas. "They simply love Vermont cheese."Tony Snow said the White House was perplexed by Douglas's abscence. "He ran President Bush's campaign twice," says Snow. "George loves Jim, misses him and really wants to see him."
Douglas quickly dispatched Lt. Gov. Dubie to greet the president. Dubie said he was looking forward to greeting President Reagan.


I bet Bush visits with no notification in such a way that there is little crowd and a 10 minute airport speech on his way to do something else. Douglas won't even make it to his car by the time Bush has already come and gone.

really nothing more than a USAF touch and go...

Roger Hill

DATLINE Burlington Vermont - President Bush at the invitation of Senator Sanders and Leahy and later Congressman Welch accompanied the President on Air force One as it touched down in Burlington Vermont.

Fresh from his low fly over crossing the Greenland ice cap, the president was about to make an historic speech in a complete turn-around in what he now deemed "as important as the war on terror."

Leaked transcrips of the speech included an urgency in passing strong congrssional legislation on reducing carbon and implementing the recent research on alternative feuls. His speech also included this as way to strangle Al Quiada's effort to raise money through the use of fossil fuels. The president was also qouted as saying that he noticed changes at his Crawford Texas ranch and became quite alarmed.

Some recent comments from many presidential historians were shocked at the turn around in policy but have now concluded that this will be the Presidents legacy and that he will see it through the rest of his term.

Numerous responses from around world have ranged from celebratory glee to numerous serious invitations on inviting the the US to take the lead over the course of the next few weeks.

The Presidents speech is expected rally many in scientific community and was welcomed by environmentalists as major change in direction that would end up doing major good the world over.

The Church Street Marketplace in Burlington was expected to be amass with people and crowd control was becoming an issue. Congressional Republican leaders were also asked to attend the hisoric speech and were expected arrive in Burlington while accompanying the Prime minister of Canada as well as the Prime Minister's of France and Great Britton.


Roger, Are flying pigs in the weather forecast??

Thomas Fiske

It would be good if The President of the United States did visit Vermont. He could hear what people around here have to say. Provide a chance for Vermonters to see one of the most powerful people in the world. An opportunity for President Bush and us all to parade and celebrate what it means to be Patriotic Americans. We may all have different drum rythumns in our heads, but we all dance around that same fire, OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Don't Forget!

Michael Zack

I hope it comes at little suprize that President Bush avoids Vermont. The hostile, nasty comments made by Lehey have been no help. Even Bernie has been nicer. Presidient Bush could visit all the people who voted for him in Vermont in the lobby of a Denny's. Treat someone like crap and wonder why they dont drop in? You gotta be kidding!


I think George W. and Chaney should be impeached for the betterment of our great nation. Bush will go down in history as the worst president we ever had! He is so bull headed.

Louis Varricchio

Hello??? Now why would President Bush want to visit Vermont? Get real. I remember Vice President Cheney's visit here in 2002 and how disgracefully he was treated by the unwashed horde of Burlington's leftist protesters--I can't repeat the foul language hurled at Mr. Cheney; and this coming from the "Democracy Now" crowd--yeah, when Vermont liberals use words like "democracy" it's the D-word used in "German Democratic Republic" (D-word = C-word). Cheney smiled through it like the gentleman he is. I was first ashamed to say I was a Vermonter that day; I woke up to the sickness in Vermont liberal politics. Ask yourself: Why didn't President Lincoln visit Alabama in 1865? Why didn't Truman visit Vermont in 1952? And why did President Kennedy make the mistake of visiting Texas in 1963? I don't blame the President one bit for skipping our unhappy little state-of-denial. The President has already thanked our brave Air and National Guard volunteers for their ongoing service in fighting Islamic fascism. Why should he bother stepping in an unfriendly camp? Viva Bush!


I think the question should really read, "Why would anyone in Vermont want bush to visit? I would proudly wear the shirt that read, "Vermont: The land unspoiled by bush's stink!"

Philip Guica

I wouldn't want to visit a place where I am not welcome and all you do cut him down and slander him. Naturally I would stay away when you don't show any respect to our leader.

J. Fredman

Vermont should be proud of its reputation as the only state in the Union Bush has not contaminated with his presence. Truth is a formidable foe, and he isn't about to expose himself to voluntarily in any setting. His forays into other states have hardly been open invitations to the general public! Apparently Vermont cannot produce a sufficient number of benighted supporters to create the illusion of loyalty there to his disastrous policies and devious ways of implementing them. Maybe the secret's in Vermont's maple syrup? If so, may it flow throughout the land like the biblical milk and honey of Canaan!


Sorry. I left out a word in my entry above. It should read "expose himself to it voluntarily . . . " It's late in Oregon.


Personally Col Sanders, I think our president is doing a good job. Of course, what the media shows to Vermonters isn't the complete story so they can honestly make up their own minds of what is going on in the world. It is Liberal sided. If anyone remembers his attacking Iraq stopped further planned attacks in Chicago and Calif.
Personally I think we need some new representation in Vermont.

C. Ray

Why would ANY state want Bush to visit?

I'm proud that Vermonters have the good sense to recognize a malfeasant traitor when they see one. Anyone who says we have to honor George Bush because he is our leader would probably have been on the Brits' side when a different George was running the country into the ground.

Bush has no respect for the Constitution or his constituency. How has he earned any American's respect?

Paris Hilton would make a better president. At least she wouldn't do as much harm. And she's probably more intelligent.

R. S.

Vermont liberals in a nutshell:

"Here’s the real problem with American liberalism: there is no such thing, not really. What we call American liberalism is really a kind of genetic mutant, a Frankenstein’s monster of incongruous parts – a fat, affluent, overeducated New York/Washington head crudely screwed onto the withering corpse of the vanishing middle-American manufacturing class.

"These days the Roosevelt stratum of rich East Coasters are still liberals, but the industrial middle class that the New Deal helped create is almost all gone. In 1965, manufacturing jobs still made up 53 percent of the U.S. economy; that number was down to nine percent in 2004, and no one has stepped up to talk to the 30 million working poor who struggle to get by on low-wage, part-time jobs.

"Thus, the people who are the public voice of American liberalism rarely have any real connection to the ordinary working people whose interests they putatively champion. They tend instead to be well-off, college-educated yuppies from California or the East Coast, and hard as they try to worry about food stamps or veterans’ rights or securing federal assistance for heating oil bills, they invariably gravitate instead to things that actually matter to them–like the slick (highly skewed) Al Gore documentary on global warming, or the “All Things Considered” interview on NPR with the British author of "Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook".

"They haven’t yet come up with something to replace the synergy of patrician and middle-class interests that the New Deal represented."--from "Ad Busters" magazine


Whether or not anyone chooses to believe Bush to be a good president based solely upon the news casts they choose to watch is really a matter of how much they care about this country.

Look, read the Constitution. Google it. Specifically, read Article 6. Then read the Amendments to the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the U.N. Human Rights Doctrine. All of these were in existence prior to Bush and Cheney taking the oath of office. President Bush and Dick Cheney have absolutely violated their oaths of office in violating the laws and treaties of this country. They did it with impunity and then said that the laws that they both swore to uphold were irrelevant and outdated.

Excuse me, but as an American, I expect those who take the office of President and Vice President to honor their oath of office. Their actions over the past six years have been an affront to this great nation.

You can take the easy way and believe Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Hannity and the rest of the opportunists who are making a buck off Americans who think it's patriotic to stand unquestioningly behind their president, or you can take the initiative to read and educate yourself. This nation has been sanctioned (a written criticism) by the UN Human Rights Council for violations for torture - THIS NATION!!!!

AT WHAT TIME, IN WHAT PLACE, DID THIS NATION EVER LEGALLY SANCTION TORTURE!!!! I don't care what other people do, we do not lower ourselves to that despicable level. To do so diminishes our moral standing in the world. Our most senior military advisors have been adamantly opposed to this kind of behavior, and yet President Bush and Dick Cheney sanction it. I am more than repulsed by those men. I think their actions merit not only impeachment but the return of a public stock and pillory on the Mall in Washington D.C.

If you feel yourself a patriot, go back in history to what the founders of this nation believe to be the duty of a patriot - Thomas Paine said "It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its own government", Jefferson said that every nation needs a good revolution every 20 years. The reality is that Democracy demands that we question, and hold our elected representatives accountable to us. To do less is to dishonor the men and women who died to create and protect this nation.

Those in public office work for us! They are our servants. I will always respect the Office of President. The individual holding the office? That depends entirely upon their actions.

President Bush in Vermont? If he wants to come and face honest questions and answer them directly without a front man screening the crowd, then let him come. If he has to have the crowd selected for him, he can stay out. This is a state where Democracy means something.


Colonel Sanders? The analogy is as apt as your views of Bush! Maybe IHOP? To the best of my knowledge, one can't get pancakes at KFC! No more than one can get truth out of anything the Administration says. "The truth shall set you free," said one wiser than I. That, my friends, is exactly what Bush is afraid of.

M Richter

That's funny. I don't have any problem finding Vermonters that admire President Bush. Sanders, and some of you, are dreaming if you think he could not pack the house with cheering patriotic Americans in every county in Vermont. Love, love, love that man!

Ann Rich

I think it is funny that the president of the United States has visited all the other states in the country. Why can't he visit us here in little old Vermont.
I am sure the president would have no problem finding people who admire the president and other congress men and women. Think you are dreaming if you think he couldn't fill a room with people cheering for him. I for one would be there in support of him and all he has down for this country and support him in all he is doing with the war. I know it is very hard on him and the cabinet to make the decisions requiding the troops. But we as a people need to remember he is our leader and we need to stand behind him in what ever he does.We as a nation of people that are christians we need to stand behind him and pray for the president, this nation and for out troop overseas.
Remeember the saying ONE NATION UNDER GOD. leet us put God back in the things we do as a country or nation.
Let us return to our God and His help at this time. I love that man. Be a pride american and stand tall. Show your pride by displaying your american colors of red,white and blue. GOD BLESS AMERICA.MY HOME SWEET HOME. LAND THAT I LOVE,STAND BESIDE HER GUIDE HER WITH THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE.

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