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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vermont Beckons Bush

At a time when polls are showing President George “WMD” Bush with an approval rating below 30 percent, there aren’t many silver linings left for Republicans in the United States of America these days - except Vermont!

Gov_wdev Yesterday, under Montpeculair’s Golden Dome, the Republican minority - with a little help from Democrat defectors in the House - defeated attempts by Majority Democrats to override two “line-in-the-sand” vetoes by Republican Gov. Jim Douglas of Middlebury. That’s the Guv appearing “live” on WDEV’s “Mark Johnson Show” Wednesday morning from just outside the Statehouse cafeteria. Furniture was in short supply. No couches.

Gov. Douglas, governor of the state of Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders and DNC Chair Howard Dean, had vetoed two key pieces of Democrat legislation this past session relating to items near-and-dear to their hearts and their campaign literature: global warming and campaign finance reform.

Gutsy, eh?

And he got away with it, too!

Instead, the real “inconvenient” truth is that Vermont Paul_burns Democrats were defeated on both by GOP Jim and his loyal GOP minority, despite all the hooopla and activism and intense lobbying from activists and environmentalists like VPIRG’s Executive Director Paul Burns entering the Statehouse Wednesday ‘morn with his fist raised for battle!

Time for the White House to take notice.

Until two weeks ago there were only two states in the United States that had not been visited by President George W. Bush: Rhode Island and Vermont.

Then, Dubya paid a visit to the Naval War College in Newport to give a speech.

Now there’s only Vermont.

But show me a state anywhere in the country where the Republican Party has, of late, not only been able to stand up in public, but stand up and win, eh?

Credit where credit is due.

That White House gets awful stuffy, doesn't it, Mr. President?


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In fairness, Bubba didn't come here until the waining days of his last term. Is anyopne going to be dissapointed if Bonehead McGee doesn't come here? I quess if you wanted to give him a piece of your mind, but we all know The National GOP doesn't have the backbone to let real Americans ask real questions or give real answers. Were have you gone George Aiken? Someone summon the Ghost of Bob Stafford before its to late. I'll even Barry Goldwater for Heavens Sake. Never thought I'd say that in a million Years.


Dem's don't know how to fight back

They can learn by watching this

They don't earn repect by caving in and hand wringing
and acting like they are subordinates to right wingers.

Get in their face and make them understand the heat.

sandy ward

I guess the mention that Ho Ho, St. Pat and the independent are representatives of Vermont is supposed to mean Bush is scared? Fat chance.

The republicans are playing this smart as usual. Bush doesn't need to visit Vermont. In fact, it would ruin Douglas.

What I feel is that the democrats need a good swift kick in the ass which is what Douglas gave them yesterday, but there is no personal satisfaction here.

I warned Shumlin about his global warming bill involving VPRIG from the start. Told him Douglas was right and would win.

I have also shared with Shumlin and the state Dem chair what it will take to beat Douglas in 2008, but they, very simply, are unable to evolve.

There is one person in this state who could clean Douglas' clock and that would be Windsor State's Attorney, Robert Sand. But, where's the sense in wasting his time when we have such lousy leadership in the legislature?

Little Miss Curious

Oh, it would be a beautiful a day to watch Douglas squirm as George Bush tried to speak in front of Vermont's state house. Then Vermonters would see Douglas' true colors and how, when Bush comes to shove (that is not a typo), his loyalty is clearly to his friends in the White House, not the State House.


I'm not a fan of Gov. Scissorhands but I have a lot of respect for him as a politican. He's very effective and to do it in a state as democratic as Vermont (so much for that super majority in the House) that's impressive.

What would be very interesting, if it were ever to happen, is Douglas challenging Pat Leahy in 2010. I don't know if that wil ever happen, but if Douglas continues the way he's going, he'll give Leahy quite a scare.

To be honest, that would be an exciting Senate race, no?


"Dem's don't know how to fight back."

Not sure what you mean by this. If you're talking on a national level, I might agree with you. But I think the subject of this blog posting is the failure to override the Governor's veto of H520 in Vermont, no? The failure on that issue is not a question of the Dems not "fighting back" on that one. Quite the contrary. They fought hard. They've been on the streets and in front of the cameras every day since the veto. They organized campaigns, and call-ins, media blitzes, and even did radio advertising campaigns. They were downright aggressive and shrill in this fight. Every day Shumlin and Symington were screaming at the Gov. in the press and in rallies. Bringing Al Gore to shill for the energy bill (that he knew little or nothing about) is not "fighting back?" No, it was not a question of the Democratic leadership in Vermont not fighting back on this veto. It was a question of the Dems not having enough votes. Because they weren't able convince that last handful of Democrats with a conscience that stealing from an out-of-state company is ok as long as the end is "good." In the end, that's why this bill failed.


There is only one person in VT who can beat Gov. Douglas and that is Sen. Bernie Sanders!!
Who will the Dems put up?? Shumlin?? no, he is smart enough to know how to count!! He will stay as Senate Pro Tem.
Symington?? no, she knows that she might not even get reelected house leader, that is if she gets reelected. the good people of Jericho should look for a better rep. than Gaye!! everything political starts at the grass roots level right?? ask Ralph Wright..he had everyone at the State House locked up but forgot about his constituents in Bennington.
If people want to see change in Vermont House..Symington must go!! Defeating her at the local level is the best way because she has enough votes to continue as speaker which wouldnt bother Douglas because she is such a creme puff!!
No matter that continues to leave the Dems without a candidate..Matt Dunne waits in Hartland with his hand on the phone but he couldnt even defeat Dubie-Doo!
that still leaves the Dems without a legit. candidate..perhaps someone who is not associated with the party but is an activist will come out and run..that might be the best alternative..a true long shot who gets the Dem. party endorsement and hopefully some money too put Douglas on the carpet on all the issues..who knows that person might win!! gotta start soon though because the Gov. is constantly campaigning and with his big victory in Montpelier this week he appears unstoppable for another term!!


The only person who can beat Douglas is a businessman.

Although I wonder about Racine, I really think that nobody from the legislature will be able to compete against Douglas. Douglas has a boat load of ammo on these folks and he has no problem playing dirty.

A businessman who has no voting record could beat Douglas especially if Douglas keeps playing these petty politics rather than actually doing something. Douglas, over the last year or two has given his competition some ammo to use. The thing is that who ever runs against Douglas is going to have to actually use that ammo. Parker didn't and although he gained a fair percentage, still lost.

A good competitor would have to have to be agressive as Matt Dunne and be able to distance themselves somewhat from the legislature.


Speaking of bussinessmen, I read that Paul Millman is thinking about running. He's a Vermont business success story at Chroma Technologies and is on the Vermont Business Roundtable.


Millman is charismatic and successful, but lacks name recognition and, I think, his own brand of charisma may not be quite what moderate voters are looking for. I'm not convinced that "a businessman" is the only type of person that can beat Douglas -- frankly, I'm a little hesitant about any candidate that lacks a background in public policy. Some one who demonstrated some modicum of success in both the public and private sectors would be ideal.



M. Jane Kitchel, former Commissioner of Social Welfare, former Secretary of the Agency of Human Services, current state senator in her second term. Perfect.


As 'Vermont Daily Briefing' has been saying, Bill Sorrell would be an excellent candidate for governor. And I would love to see Leahy v. Douglas--Leahy would finally give Douglas the roasting the little weenie deserves.


As 'Vermont Daily Briefing' has been saying, Bill Sorrell would be an excellent candidate for governor. And I would love to see Leahy v. Douglas--Leahy would finally give Douglas the roasting the little weenie deserves.


Bill Sorrell would be a terrible candidate for Governor -- much as I'd love to see him get publicly abused by Douglas. He's not smart. But he is petty and vindictive. That's a pretty sad combination. He performed miserably in his appearance before the US Supreme Court when trying to defend the Vt. campaign finance law a few years ago. Many people used the term embarassing. Later he performed miserably on Bill O'Reilly. Again, many people said embarrasing. Sorrell never should have volunteered to go on O'Reilly to defend Judge Cashman. The only time Sorrell had a political future was when his pal Dean was running the state. Dean tried twice but couldn't get Sorrell appointed to the Vermont Supreme Court, even with a Democratically controlled Legislature, because he was viewed as Dean's vindictive whipping boy as Secretary of Administration, and he was viewed as unqualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. So Dean nominated then-AG Jeff Amestoy to the Vermont Supreme Court and filled the open AG seat by appointing Sorrell. Remember, Sorrell did not get elected to that job, he got appointed.

sandy ward

And, after Amestoy's cries to rethink the criminal justice system went unheard, he stepped down before the increasing prison rate caught up with him.

professor crabby ph.d.

There is no chance gov do less would stick his neck out on a run against senator pat—please – he knows very well he might get his ass kicked and then where would he be? He’ll stick around in his comfy job until pat retires—then and only then will he run— he is probably saying prayers every night that PL bows out in 2010 cause it’s a long long time until 2016- perhaps too long for him in montp -- I agree that sands would be a very interesting candidate – I also agree that dunn will not cut the mustard —if he couldn’t do in dubie he clearly doesn’t have what it takes to do in JD—jane K is somewhat impressive and might have statewide legs—she lays that daughter of the dairy farm shtick on thick and that might play well –she was after all able to get herself elected in Caledonia and some of the darker reaches of orange county— however she is such a mouse—don’t count on her to breath fire – sands he’d breath fire and make jd nervous


Sorrell has the charisma of a bull frog.

The only chance for Douglas to try for the senate would be if Leahy or Sanders retire. Douglas is perfectly happy where he is with really no competition.

I still think it will need to be a businessman. Even better if its a businessman who has gained some public exposure though various efforts. I don't know anything about Millman, but he sounds like a possibility.

Parker didn't have name recognition, but he did fairly well given the fact that Douglas could paint him as a tax and spender, and that Parker wasn't agressive at all.

I have to wonder if a somewhat toned down Tarrant style campaign is what is needed to unseat Douglas.

Somehow Douglas' record of acheivement or lack of one never seems to make the spotlight. Veto-ing is not an accomplishment and that needs to exposed.

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