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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vacation Wednesday

Les_final_fleurs Yes, "officially" I'm on vacation. No "Inside Track" column in today's Seven Days. I think they got some distinguished legal beagle to fill in for me. 

Of course, there's no place I actually want to go for vacation. Everywhere I've wanted to go, I've already been. Besides, the vacationers come here. Church Street has often felt like Montreal South this summer.

Hey, dig the last of the flowers out front here in Burlap's south end. We all have a part to play, eh?

"Freyne Land," however, is another story.  Plus, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's surprise and almost secret visit to Burlington today gives this blogger and WDEV radio reporter plenty to focus on.

His presser with Gov. Jim Douglas is at 2:20 this afternoon.

If you had one question to ask Mike Chertoff, what would it be?


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"In light of your staggering incompetence as Secretary of Homeland Security, do you or do you not think that you should be impeached?"

"Do you think that the American black communities hatred of the Bush administration (3% approval rating) has anything to do with your tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security?"

"Did your mother ever teach you to take responsibility for anything?"

"Judging by your complete inability to take responsibility for your actions, could we in the journalism community actually refer to you as a man? It seems to me that child would be more appropriate."


My Question for any of Bush's toelickers is not suitable for publication.


How about,

Are you sick and tired of being blamed for every ill in the world?


Would you rather cut yourself a hundred time and roll around in salt, or listen to democrat whining?


Do you think terrorist targeted the US because they know this country is full of bleeding heart liberals who don't have enough backbone to hold them accountible?

Or better yet

Do you find it more appalling that the left continues to cry about the destruction of the constitution, and then throw around allegations as if everyone has already been tried, convicted, and judged?

Last but not least,

Could you speculate as to why the Democratically controlled Congress has a lower approval rating then President Bush?


Man, what a ballwasher!


To your last question I have answer JPC - Becasue there are still many Republicans!


too many Republicans that is!!


But how can that be when I keep getting told I am in the minority?


well when you are the minority that is only interested in having sex in the mens bathrooms, or lying about a war (check the recnently released transcripts from a meeting prior to our OCCUPATION of Iraq that dumbo had with the Spanish leader of the time. So yes LIE is the right phrase) it doesn't take all that much to drag down the good work the Dems are doing.


"well when you are the minority that is only interested in having sex in the mens bathrooms"

Whoa. Dem here, but that comment is way off base. Every single Republican in the US is only interested in having sex in a men's room? Obviously not true and not really a funny comment, either.


Sure are a lot of Hypocriticalsickos in the GOP



that still doesn't explain how a minority of republicans can bring the congressional aproval rating down to (choke) single digits. THe dems led by Pelosi, can get alot of the credit for that. And maybe if the senate actually tried to write some laws, instead of intiating 400+ investigations (many unconstitutional) it would be higher. Wasn't the argument about Bernie passing 2 laws in over a decade due to republican controlled congress. Now when it is a democrat controlled congress the blame still rests with the right. If the dems actually stood up and took some blame once in a while and addressed the issues I might convert, but they just whine and belly ache and don't accomplish anything and the public has had it. If only they would all go be in a Batman movie for then next year, maybe when a republican majority is re-established we can straighten things out. What transcript?, come on at least post a link.

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