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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Face Behind the Canvas

Dropped by Uncommon Grounds on Church Street after the Ol' "Inside Track" went to the printer. Put a little more flesh on the bones of the Freyne Land post below about Monday's protest at Rep. Peter Welch's Burlington HQ.

I know. The Freeps blew it off. But, hey, Welchie is our only congressman and people got arrested. Even Brian Joyce (WCAX) and Stew Ledbetter (WPTZ) made it.

A few other things, too.

Kim_forney But the pleasant surprise up at the Church Street Marketplace's oldest coffee shop was that Kimberlee Forney, the artist behind the marvelous, warm, colorful canvases that have lined the walls since October began, was having a little "opening."

All month, the regulars have been commenting favorably on her wallscapes.  Now we have a face to go with them. She's even got a website!

Kim turns 29 in December. A Vermont native. Her dad's a state court reporter - last of a breed.

And the artist - an artist with a future - is currently calling his basement in Milton "home."


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Marie Claire

Oh Peter! How could you??? We at Speeders love seeing you every day! Multiple times a day!! For many hours at a time!!! However, one thing you should know, being such a loyal customer and all, is that in fact WE are the oldest coffee shop on Church Street. We opened our Church Street store two weeks after that opening our Pine Street store back in June of 1993. It wasn't until almost a year later in May of 1994 that our roasting companions Uncommon Grounds opened their doors - and such lovely doors they are. Just wanted to set the record straight. See you soon!

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